Electrolux gets worldwide milestone certification in laundry hygiene

Committed to ensure top laundry hygiene, Electrolux Professional is the first laundry manufacturer HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified.

The HACCP International Certification is a unique recognition that confirms Electrolux Professional’s commitment to ensure the highest hygiene along the entire food chain. It proves that our solutions can make a genuine difference in people’s safety, health and life meeting the expectations of a changing world.

Professional washing programs are essential to disinfect all garments and cloths used in food manufacturing operations. Traditionally, food manufacturers had to outsource their laundry to guarantee its cleanliness.

The HACCP certification to Electrolux Professional for its Line 5000 laundry range gives now customers the opportunity to meet the most strict laundry hygiene requirements with an on- premises laundry.
The certification was first awarded to Line 5000 in the UK and Ireland last year and since June 2015 it applies worldwide.

Electrolux gets worldwide milestone certification in laundry hygiene 2015-09-15T10:44:07+02:00 Electrolux Professional