Workshop in Cook & Chill: Food Cost & Waste Management

“Art & Science Come Together” workshop in Johannesburg

“The Food Cost and Waste Management Seminar took place in Johannesburg  at the HTA School of Culinary Art, supported by President of South African Chefs Association, Stephen Billingham. Electrolux and Worldchefs raised today’s relevant business dynamic subject: Food Cost, which generated keen interest amongst the South African Chef’s Community, discussing how technology could assist in the running and managing different Kitchen types profitably, improving Food Cost and better managing Waste.

Chefs got to learn more about implementing  sustainable practices in the kitchen while maintaining high standards and have experienced during the course of the event  how innovative approach also could improve their daily activities”

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Art&Science-SouthAfrica Foodcost & Waste Management

The Aim of the Workshop

The workshop will focus on the Cook & Chill system, new technology that incorporates an oven and blast chiller in a single solution. This innovative approach to sustainable cooking also improves chefs’ daily activities.
The aim of the workshop is to build on and extend the range of skills, techniques and knowledge helping to better manage the food cost. This seminar would assist in acquiring new culinary knowledge as well as operational one while discovering the solutions to managing profitably different types of kitchens using cooking technology to improve food cost.

The key features and benefits of the Cook & Chill system include: 

  • An optimized work process incorporating the latest technology
  • Higher levels of food safety
  • Reduction in food loss and, ultimately, food waste
  • Higher profitability for the food service operation

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this practical session participants will have acquired the ability to:

  • Learn the way to maximize the use of secondary meat cuts in order to improve food cost
  • Master the use of Cooking Technology to lower food cost
  • Discover the formulas & solutions to better manage food waste
  • Able to explain the importance of food costing & control to the profitability of a catering operation
  • Outline the main stages of Food Production cycle at which controls need to be applied
  • Able to determine & explain some of the key business performance indicators essential for a catering operation
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of the main documentation required for control throughout the food production cycle
  • Explain the significance of portion control & able to identify the key points of an effective portion control system

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