Barbecue Using Innovative Culinary Technology

“Art & Science Come Together” workshop in Charlotte, NC

Electrolux Professional hosted its first WorldChefs seminar of 2017 in Charlotte, NC on May 23rd, bringing together 15 Chefs from around the country to interact and learn about brand new cooking solutions. This year’s seminar series, consisting of 3 seminars, is culinary themed with the first concentrating on barbecue cuisine. Electrolux Professional is committed to delivering innovative and accessible technologies for its customers. Discover more!

Launched in 2014, the “Art & Science Come Together”partnership between Electrolux Professional and WorldChefs combines the culinary creativity and talent of the Chefs with the knowledge, technology and specialized experience of the solutions offered by Electrolux. It brings chefs together at Electrolux’s Center of Excellence and provides world-class seminars, focused on Cook and Chill as a key solution to develop a Sustainable Cooking approach.

The Aim of the Workshop

This initiative is about educating Chefs to recognize the importance of incorporating sustainable practices in their kitchens and to encourage and maintain high standards in the preparation and service of quality food. This is both innovative and creative in meeting the needs and expectations of Chefs. Electrolux explores how an integrated system offers an optimized working process incorporating the latest technology (including Sous Vide, Banqueting Systems, Low Temperature Cooking, etc.) and ensures higher levels of food safety and reducing food waste. The 15 Chefs in attendance in Charlotte, NC were trained and educated by Electrolux Professional Corporate Executive Chef Corey Siegel on various techniques of barbecue and smoking, meats, poultry and seafood.

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