SkyLine gained the SMART Label award 2019

The SkyLine Cook and Chill solution by Electrolux Professional gained the Smart Label award 2019 for “Functional efficiency” thanks to SkyDuo, the self-intuitive connection between SkyLine appliances. Electrolux Professional enables customers to manage all their operations via one unique interface, by using connected and synchronized products and services.

Host Milano 2019

The SMART Label is promoted by HOST – Fiera Milano in collaboration with and awards innovation in the hospitality industry. SMART Label award rewards products, services and projects that stand out for distinctive features in terms of functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, and ethical or social implications.

“Innovation is something that makes the life of a client easier, more productive and more profitable. It means putting people – those who will actually be using those solutions in the end – at the centre of the development of products and processes. To achieve this, we use hi-tech solutions and A.I. algorithms,” explains Alberto Pezzutto, head of the Cook and Chill Category at Electrolux Professional, describing how innovative SkyLine appliances are.

“Our ovens and blast chillers work in a similar way, providing an integrated system that is unique on the market. The two appliances can also communicate with one another, which cuts preparation times, offering the very highest level of food safety and reducing errors and consumption to a minimum,” continues Pezzutto. Then, he specifies “Restaurateurs appreciate their ease of use and multi-functionality (a blast chiller can also work as a leavening compartment, a thawing device and a yogurt maker), and the fact that several appliances can be combined, which further simplifies things because shared accessories are made available.”

Based on the combination of smart technology and human-centered design, SkyLine is born to set a new bar in the Cook&Chill, and in the overall professional kitchen business. SkyDuo allows the oven and the blast chiller to be synchronized and communicate with each other, making the work-life in the kitchen leaner, always getting top food quality with the highest productivity.

The SkyLine range, with the new combi ovens and blast chillers, will be the flagship for all the chef live demos on Electrolux Professional booth at Host Milano 2019, where you will be introduced to the new Electrolux Professional brand as The OnE trusted partner for Food, Beverage and Laundry solutions.

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