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Società Agricola Le Monde

Prata di Pordenone, Italy


Le Monde, originally the winery of Villa Giustinian in Portobuffolè Italy, an ancient village, which in early 997 was already documented as a castle and river port of the Venetian Republic, is the only rural house still operational on the property of the Villa.

The winery has been in operation since 1700. Property of the Pistoni family for centuries, in 2008 it was transferred to Alex Maccan, who was able to bring it to the highest level of quality, transforming it into a reference model for the entire Grave region, one of the most quoted Italian regions for the production of quality wines.

Today, Le Monde is a new generation winery both in terms of technology as well as for what concerns the processing stages. In addition, 70% of the total energy needs of the winery are produced by solar panels.

However, if on one side the new property is focused on innovation, on the other it’s remained faithful to its history because “wine culture is tradition”. The contrast tradition-technology, present throughout the structure, is especially highlighted in the kitchen where the protagonist is a beautiful Molteni cooking island, shiny black enamelled with brass finishings. A made-to-measure block: size, cooking functions, finishings, nothing has been overlooked. Just like a tailored suit, the kitchen was designed and built according to the requirements of the Maccan family, adapted to the aesthetic and functional needs of the surrounding spaces.

The same care and attention to detail was also placed on the surrounding equipment: unique seamless worktops with elevated thickness, wall and base units organized for maximum storage space, recalling the color and finish of the Molteni island. Behind the Molteni block is an Electrolux Cook&Chill solution presenting the innovative air-o-steam Touchline combi oven. For the washing area, 4 Electrolux green&clean undercounter dishwashers were chosen, of which 2 wine-line models: the ideal solution for washing crystal glasses, thanks to the correct wash temperature (50-55°C), the inclined wire basket and the ideal combination of detergent and water treatment.

Not only tradition and technology, but also sustainability: the other common element between Electrolux Professional, the Maccan family and the winery. The sustainable approach, which in Electrolux Professional involves each phase of the product life cycle, from design to manufacturing, from installation to disposal, also characterizes Le Monde in its entire supply chain.

why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Alex Maccan – Owner of Le Monde commented:

Molteni is unique, incomparable, it’s the most beautiful and prestigious stove in the market today. Its “charme” is completely aligned with our winery. This is the reason why we chose it without any doubts.

List of installed equipment:

1 x Molteni island
1 x air-o-system Cook and Chill solution
1 x air-o-steam Touchline Combi Oven
4 x green&clean undercounter dishwashers ( 2 x wine-line models)

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