Centro Residenziale “Al Parco”

Verona, Italy

Elderly Care facility

Special guests, special care, special service

The Residential Center “Al Parco” in Verona, Italy started its activity in 1812 as an answer to the absolute need for elderly care in the city. Continuously expanding over the years, it now boasts a total of 9 facilities throughout the area, offering a combined capacity of 700 beds, hospice and PVS services (persistent vegetative state).

The mission of the Center is to provide the best assistance to the patients, fully respecting their privacy and dignity. The only way to do this efficiently is by placing the person at the center of attention, a commitment that begins, first of all, by the special care given to personal hygiene and to their personal effects.

For this reason, the Center chose the Electrolux Professional barrier laundry solution, in order to obtain full control of the disinfection of the resident’s garments ensuring, in this way, the best service.

The new laundry offers a joint service for all 9 facilities. It is organized in two completely separate areas, one for loading the dirty laundry and the other for unloading once washed. The two zones are divided by a glass wall for maximum lighting and visibility and separated by a “filter” zone which prevents the risk of bacterial contamination, guaranteeing a total sanitation process. This new layout not only ensures the correct flow of the operations of collecting, washing, drying and ironing but, above all, allows sorting of a huge amount of laundry in a short time.

The Residential Center “Al Parco” is an exemplary story of innovation and determination in the pursuit of excellence.

Centro Residenziale “Al Parco”
why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Halved delivery times: washed items are returned to the guests in a shorter time.

Improved working environment of the operators: air intake/expulsion from the dryers is always external. This, in addition to the customized ventilation system, brought the ambient temperature to 24 °C with the possibility to also adjust the two areas independently.

Improved quality of the clean garment at a hygienic level, so that patients and their families are very satisfied.

List of installed equipment:

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