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Platea Madrid

Madrid, Spain


Platea Madrid, a theatrical production of culinary experiences

Platea Madrid opened its curtains in June, 2014. What was previously Cinema Carlos III has been transformed into a unique culinary-leisure location as never seen before.

Unlike any other concept, Platea Madrid is a “Theater”, and like every theater it has to entertain the visitors with a spectacle. It’s a combination of exquisite gourmet food, music, film, performing arts, show cooking, readings, workshops, musical appetizers, wine on stage, after hours, magic, cabaret and micro-theaters. 6000 m2 dedicated to its visitors, designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán.

To make it all a great success, Platea Madrid put together 4 multi-starred chefs, Paco Roncero**, Ramón Freixá**, Pepe Solla* and Marcos Morán*, in an unbelievable atmosphere, creating one-of-a-kind cuisines in all restaurants powered by Electrolux. Keka Berroegui (General Manager) of Platea was confident that Electrolux would be the right partner for the job and would easily achieve their two important milestones: energy efficiency (due to power limitations) and high flexibility of their menu requirements. The close collaboration with Electrolux since the beginning of the project, supported by the extensive experience and quality of the machines, made the idea become reality in the time required.

Chef Gustavo Valbuena Lagarde expressed his confidence in Electrolux by commenting: “I can easily rely on Electrolux, it’s powerful and extremely precise in cooking. The equipment takes care of the food quality. We can serve 5000 customers every weekend without stress, obtaining precise results without problems. This is excellence. We can easily say: don’t worry, it’s Electrolux”.

In addition, after numerous meetings with each chef to collect valuable input, a global proposal was made for a dedicated space, “One Electrolux”, a concept able to provide an elegant cooking area with innovative appliances that combine the highest performance with state-of-the-art design. This area will be dedicated to trainings, special meetings and also used as an R&D laboratory.

The 14 restaurants and the training area were equipped with Electrolux air-o-steam combi ovens, air-o-convect convection ovens, XP Modular cooking ranges and thermaline modular cooking suites.

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