green&clean Rack Type Dishwasher

Electrolux Professional has launched the green&clean Rack Type dishwasher, helping a range of catering outlets to achieve high productivity, high performance and complete peace of mind. Thanks to a host of innovative features, the new solution can be relied upon by operators as the real backbone to their business.

With just one glass of water needed to clean an entire rack of dishes, the green&clean Rack Type delivers the lowest running costs on the market, with just one glass of water needed to clean an entire rack of dishes. Needing 63% less water, 34% less energy, and 62% less detergent and rinse aid than competitor models, the new dishwasher is capable of delivering savings of up to 3.240€/yr*.

*Cost savings are calculated by Electrolux Professional Lab which is accredited by IMQ, INTERTEK, ENERGY STAR measurement. Comparison made between green&clean Rack Type Dishwasher and an equivalent conventional machine using 300 l/hour for rinsing at 10 °C inlet, 50 °C temperature for a staff canteen serving 1000 meals/day in two shifts over a 360 day period.

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