Panini press: not just sandwiches!

Could the panini press be considered a professional kitchen appliance and not just an over-the-counter workhorse? Well, the answer to that largely depends on the type of panini press. You can still find the old grill-plate only, non-programmable panini press on the market but they are seldom used by now. However, when you go up a level and look at the premium range of panini presses, you’ll see that they open up a whole new world for cooks.

The range of options provided by a high-end panini press can be a real benefit to small businesses; with smaller kitchens and diminished cooking and food preparation capabilities, it is often hard for them to expand their menu. On the other hand, in the past 10 years, consumers have changed their behavior and expect a gratifying dining experience even from street food stalls and fast food eateries.

Undeniably, not all panini press appliances are up to the task; we have made a list of the must-have features of every top-of-the-range panini press and here we are looking at one that offers all of these and more. But you can do even more with a panini press and deliver recipes that you would never have thought possible from a device like this. Want some examples? Here we go!

Panini Press to make Assorted Bao

Steamed dumplings in a panini press? Sure! If the top and bottom plates have separate temperature controls and your panini press has a built-in microwave function, you can use it to make tender, flavorful Baozi. Who said the panini press was only good for western-style street food?

Lasagna with a panini press

Lasagna is one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming dishes and you generally need an efficient oven, a cooktop and at least two pots. A panini press is not usually on the list of utensils but because you can combine different cooking functions and use an advanced programming feature (to make sure it doesn’t burn), you can make perfect lasagna.

Chicken Malai Tikka in a panini press

You wouldn’t expect to be able to make traditional Indian dishes in a panini press! Still, it’s possible. You need to add a 24-hour prep time to marinate the chicken pieces then you can just set the separate temperatures for the top and bottom plate, and program the microwave-options in your panini press and voilà! Your Chicken Malai Tikka is ready for serving.

…and what about the cooking abilities of your employees?

How would a small business cope with recipes like these? Not all commercial kitchens have professional chefs. Well, some panini presses, such as Electrolux Professional’s SpeeDelight come with fully customizable icons on the programming panel. It will be quicker to train staff who will learn to cook even the most complex dishes.

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