The innovation program 100% Circular will contribute to a more sustainable restaurant industry

Electrolux Professional has joined as a partner to 100% Circular, an innovation program initiated by White Guide and Stockholm Gas in order to support sustainable development in Sweden’s restaurant industry. 100% Circular is a nationwide program where all restaurants, bars and cafés have been invited to nominate ideas that can convert the business to the circular economy. The winning proposals have been chosen in three categories; Innovation, Holistic approach to sustainability and Guest experience.

The innovation programme covers the whole of Sweden and, during the autumn, restaurants, bars, bakeries and cafés in the hospitality industry were invited to send their proposals of new ideas for the circular economy. The submitted ideas covered everything from digital solutions, energy savings, cost-efficiency, earth quality, recycling, food waste and beverage handling – to the relationship between food producers and restaurants.

Among the more than 30 entries from various parts of Sweden, the 100% Circular jury selected the ideas that they judged best fitted the programme’s criteria, with their focus on various aspects of sustainability and the circular economy – a nationwide recycling of wine corks, a model for agriculture within planetary boundaries as well as eating experiences which are part of the circular system.

The criteria for winning the prize and to receive innovation support were that they must be relevant to the global sustainability goals of Agenda 2030, display scalability and have great enough potential to have an effect and be able to be disseminated in the restaurant industry, as well as to consumer values and the food system in a larger perspective. The ideas must also have the potential to be realised in the short-term.

“We at Electrolux Professional are actively working towards innovation for sustainable development and 100% Circular provided a great opportunity for us to contribute with our expertise to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. The initiative received many brilliant ideas that all show the importance of sustainability in hospitality” says Viktoria Roos, Open Innovation Leader at Electrolux Professional.


The winning proposals are rewarded with innovation support by experts from research and academia, and the first ideas will be realized in the spring of 2021. Electrolux Professional is participating in the development of the program and with expertise in the program’s Advisory Board.

About the final winners:


The 100% Circular prize in the category Innovation is awarded to the idea of creating a nationwide wine cork recycling network.

Creator: Agneta Green of Oaxen Krog & Slip.
Jury’s motivation: This idea really focuses on a natural material that is used daily in restaurants and homes around the world and is often thrown in the garbage. The idea, aided by innovative solutions, produces large and small lifecycles to collect and recycle the material into traditional and new products.


The 100% Circular prize in the category Holistic Approach within sustainability is awarded to the project Experiment 2000 m2.

Creator: Niklas Karlsson, Rosendals Trädgård, Stockholm.
Jury’s motivation: Creating a dynamic model for how to grow food and eat within planetary boundaries. 2000 m2 is the most practical example showing how the food system must change according to research and science. The model is scalable and can be applied anywhere in the world.


The 100% Circular prize in the category Guest Experience is awarded to the concept NPK meals.

Creator: Patrik Sewerin, Gunnebo Slott, Mölndal
Jury’s motivation: An innovative and enjoyable way of explaining the role of individuals in a grocery-producing eco-system. It uses the eating experience as a tool to combine learning and enjoyment and, in this way quickly get people to understand the effect of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (P) on the circular economy, and the vital link between earth quality, produce and taste experience.


The jury consisted of several of Sweden’s most innovative chefs and sustainability experts possessing deep knowledge of the circular economy and gastronomy. The jury has been supported by advisers and other experts in the circular economy, sustainable development and in other areas depending on the nature of the idea.

About 100% Circular Sustainability Prize and Innovation Programme


100% Circular is a sustainability prize and innovation programme that actively promotes, supports and coaches renewal projects from idea to realisation within six months. The lessons learned are followed-up and disseminated for the purpose of inspiring more restaurants to innovate and transition to the circular economy. The programme will support the sustainable development of Sweden’s restaurant industry and was developed in 2020/2021 by White Guide, Stockholm Gas and Electrolux Professional, in cooperation with Ideon Innovation and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and the Restaurant Academy.

For more information, please contact:

Jennie Walther, Nordic Marketing Manager , +46 70 343 83 12,

Viktoria Roos, Open Innovation Leader, +39 338 654 41 56,

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