SkyLine Premium Electric Combi Oven 10GN2/1 (COD 217813)
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SkyLine Premium Ovens 10GN 2/1 - electric

SkyLine Premium
Electric Combi Oven 10GN2/1

COD 217813

SkyLine Premium Combi Boiler Oven with digital control, 10x2/1GN, electric, programmable, automatic cleaning


  • Supply voltage: 220-240 V/3 ph/50-60 Hz

    Electrical power, default: 37.4 kW

    Default power corresponds to factory test conditions.
    When supply voltage is declared as a range the test is performed at the average value. According to the country, the installed power may vary within the range.

    Electrical power max.: 40.1 kW

    Circuit breaker required

  • Water inlet connections "CWI1-CWI2": 3/4"

    Pressure, bar min/max: 1-6 bar

    Drain "D": 50mm

    Max inlet water supply temperature: 30 °C

    Chlorides: <17 ppm

    Conductivity: >50 µS/cm

  • Clearance: Clearance: 5 cm rear and right hand sides.

    Suggested clearance for service access: 50 cm left hand side.

  • Trays type: 10 - 2/1 Gastronorm

    Max load capacity: 100 kg

  • Door hinges:

    External dimensions, Width: 1090 mm

    External dimensions, Depth: 971 mm

    External dimensions, Height: 1058 mm

    Weight: 179 kg

    Net weight: 179 kg

    Shipping weight: 204 kg

    Shipping volume: 1.59 m³

Product Features

Connectivity ready for real time access to connected appliances from remote and data monitoring (requires optional accessory – contact the Company for more details).
Capacity: 10 GN 2/1 or 20 GN 1/1 trays.
Digital interface with LED backlight buttons with guided selection.
Built-in steam generator for highly precise humidity and temperature control according to the chosen settings.
Real humidity control based upon Lambda Sensor to automatically recognize quantity and size of food for consistent quality results.
Dry, hot convection cycle (25 °C - 300 °C): ideal for low humidity cooking.
Combination cycle (25 °C - 300 °C): combining convected heat and steam to obtain humidity controlled cooking environment, accelerating the cooking process and reducing weight loss.
Low temperature Steam cycle (25 °C - 99 °C): ideal for sous-vide, re-thermalization and delicate cooking.
Steam cycle (100 °C): seafood and vegetables.
High temperature steam (25 °C - 130 °C).
EcoDelta cooking: cooking with food probe maintaining preset temperature difference between the core of the food and the cooking chamber.
Pre-set program for Regeneration, ideal for banqueting on plate or rethermalizing on tray.
Programs mode: a maximum of 100 recipes can be stored in the oven's memory, to recreate the exact same recipe at any time. 4-step cooking programs also available.
OptiFlow air distribution system to achieve maximum performance in chilling/heating eveness and temperature control thanks to a special design of the chamber.
Fan with 5 speed levels from 300 to 1500 RPM and reverse rotation for optimal evenness. Fan stops in less than 5 seconds when door is opened.
Single sensor core temperature probe included.
Automatic fast cool down and pre-heat function.
SkyClean: Automatic and built-in self cleaning system with integrated descale of the steam generator. 5 automatic cycles (soft, medium, strong, extra strong, rinse-only).
Different chemical options available: solid (phosphate-free), liquid (requires optional accessory).
GreaseOut: predisposed for integrated grease drain and collection for safer operation (dedicated base as optional accessory).
USB port to download HACCP data, share cooking programs and configurations.
USB port also allows to plug-in sous-vide probe (optional accessory).
Connectivity ready for real time access to connected appliances from remote and HACCP monitoring (requires optional accessory).
Back-up mode with self-diagnosis is automatically activated if a failure occurs to avoid downtime.
Double thermo-glazed door with open frame construction, for cool outside door panel. Swing hinged easy-release inner glass on door for easy cleaning.
Seamless hygienic internal chamber with all rounded corners for easy cleaning.
304 AISI stainless steel construction throughout.
Front access to control board for easy service.
IPX 5 spray water protection certification for easy cleaning.
Supplied with n.1 tray rack 2/1 GN, 67 mm pitch.

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