SkyLine - thermaline

ID Cook

Chantilly, France

Caterer ID Cook, the gourmet workshop of Christian Nicolas

It is an exceptional caterer who today opens the doors of his professional kitchen to us. Christian Nicolas, owner and Chef of ID Cook, explains the concept of his establishment, his menu and takes us behind the scenes of his establishment.

An excellent caterer located in the heart of the city of Chantilly

Known worldwide for its castle and its horse races, the city of Chantilly is also known for its whipped cream. But today, it is a renowned caterer, specializing in exceptional cuisine, and loyal to Electrolux Professional that opens its doors to us. ID Cook offers an original and complete menu, made up of starters and tasty and fine dishes. The foodstuffs used for culinary preparations come from local producers. It is a careful selection of suppliers that makes the caterer’s dishes so unique and so appreciated by regulars in the Oise.

A kitchen with a professional oven and a high-tech stove

Cooking secrets are posted on the kitchen walls. “For products marinated in olive oil, the core temperature must be 58°C to 60°C for low-fat fish such as red mullet, pike-perch, hake or halibut. For medium white or red meats, the core temperature should be 63°C to 65°C”.

As you will have understood, the cooking of the caterer must be perfect and is carried out thanks to the SkyLine professional oven. The Lambda probe allows precise measurement and control of humidity in real time in the cooking chamber for all types of food and all sizes. The core temperature probe, on the other hand, allows an exact reading of the temperature using a unique 6-point probe.

The SkyLine Premium S 6GN 1/1 triple glazed oven in this kitchen is coupled and superimposed on a SkyLine blast chiller for a Cook&Chill work solution. The two cooking appliances communicate with each other with SkyDuo technology to synchronize during cooking and cooling periods. This function allows kitchen staff to save time but also to save energy.

A condensation hood is also placed above the professional oven to capture all the vapors and condensates.

On the horizontal cooking side, a thermaline stove, leaning against the kitchen wall, incorporates a 4-zone induction hob with 16 contact points. This technology allows it to be easy to use, to obtain optimal energy efficiency but also to be very simple and very quick to clean. A professional oven integrated into the base of the stove completes the thermaline cooking module.

“Why Electrolux Professional?”


“We have been working with Electrolux Professional since 1989. We have just renovated our kitchen with a thermaline stove as well as a SkyLine tower consisting of a professional oven and a blast chiller. We decided to continue the experience with Electrolux Professional because we were very happy with the robustness and reliability of our previous equipment. It is important for us that the equipment is efficient, of qualitative manufacture and fair in the cooking. At Christmas, for example, the oven runs 24 hours a day. It must be flawless. Until today, we are very satisfied with it,” explains Chef Christian Nicolas.

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