Torino, Italy

Care home

Trifoglio, the most modern care home in Italy

In Turin, sits one of the first structures in Italy of the newest generation, where the quality of the environment and of living are the key elements in the organization of space, respecting intimacy, autonomy and, for those who want it, socialization.

For kitchen and laundry services, closely related to the health and well-being of the guests, the care home chose Electrolux Professional solutions.

The structure has a capacity of 200 beds divided into three blocks, hence the name Clover. An original care home, which is focusing on colors and on common areas, there are numerous references to films of Alberto Sordi, Audrey Hepburn and the 70s in general, with the aim of stimulating the memories of the guests and making the rooms more familiar as possible.

Progetto Cucina, the Electrolux agency in Turin followed and supported the technical department designated for the construction of the care home from the beginning (2010). 4 intense years that allowed the kitchen project to earn the customer’s trust and confirmation of delivery.

Regarding the equipment, the layout follows the normal flow of the foodstuffs adapting to the surrounding spaces:

  • pantry (perishable materials and non)
  • processing area for vegetables, cold dishes and meats
  • cooking area, trolley parking
  • utensil and dish washing
  • laundry

Each area has been equipped with dedicated solutions that take into account the needs of the home, its guests and also those who use the equipment. The cooking area, for example, has been designed taking into consideration the demands of the chef as well as the structural constraints that don’t foresee the use of gas. The result is an installation featuring highly efficient, high-performing equipment, which helps serve meals that have the pleasantness of home cooking and the widest variety of menu.

Executive Chef Danilo Garri commented: “Electrolux, a high quality brand that speaks for itself!

For the laundry service, they opted for an internal launderette to wash the personal clothing of the guests. This makes it possible to manage the entire washing cycle, from sorting up to delivery of the washed items, thus allowing the personnel to respond effectively to emergencies or special needs, having full control of the quality and hygiene of the work. 3 washing machines were installed, one exclusively dedicated to wash mops, 2 dryers and an ironing system.

To complete the project, 3 cooking corners (one per floor) were installed as well as a self-service line for the dining room dedicated to the workers of the care home.

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