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Restaurant Tiergarten

Dillenburg-Donsbach, Germany


Tiergarten Restaurant, adding the special touch to regional cuisine

The Tiergarten Restaurant is located directly at the Tierpark in Dillenburg-Donsbach, Germany. Boasting 160 seats and a splendid atmosphere, Tiergarten Restaurant offers its guests a traditional high quality cuisine.

The lunch menu changes daily, presenting a variety of culinary delicacies to satisfy all palates. Some specialties on their menu are the meat dishes, including venison and prime beef, both originating from the local area.</p>
<p>Electrolux Professional equipped the entire kitchen of the restaurant, necessary to serve 150 meals per day on average. The following solutions were installed:

  • a thermaline cooking block featuring:
    • electric braising pan
    • infrared cooking top, 2 zones
    • electric static oven
    • electric bainmarie 2/1 GN
    • electric fryer, 7 lt
    • electric fry top smooth plate
    • induction cooker, 4 zones
    • electric air-o-steam Touchline oven
    • electric salamander
    • infrared top on electric oven
    • electric fry top ribbed plate
  • Hood type dishwasher
  • Freezer, 160 lt
  • Refrigerator, 670 lt
  • Undercounter dishwasher
  • Saladette, 250 lt

The decision for Electrolux Professional appliances was the result of a tender. Electrolux Professional was chosen thanks to the good support, the reliability of the products and the price / performance ratio“, stated Maikel Konrad, Head Chef at Restaurant Tiergarten.

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