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Chemnitz, Germany

EinsEnergie, based in Chemnitz, supplies around 400,000 private and business customers in Saxony with electricity, gas and telecommunications services. In addition, the company has made a name for itself in the region with its social commitment. Of course, the employees are also well catered for: the new building of the administrative headquarters in Chemnitz, which will open in 2021, offers a company restaurant with a modern atmosphere in which to relax during the lunch break. High-quality food is the top priority: the kitchen is equipped with thermaline 900 high-performance appliances, and Rigastro, a nationally renowned catering company in Chemnitz, provides a varied range of freshly prepared meals every day.


First place for company catering: EinsEnergie scores with high-quality food supply

The Chemnitz-based energy company EinsEnergie has set itself the task of not only occupying the top position in Saxony in the supply of gas, electricity and telecommunications, but also of scoring points with a wide range of social commitments. Therefore, the company restaurant in the new headquarters in Chemnitz should not only offer employees atmospheric comfort, but also a high-quality, daily freshly produced food supply, which is guaranteed by the Chemnitz catering company Rigastro.

EinsEnergie employees can now look forward to freshly prepared traditional Saxon dishes every day, such as sauerbraten. But also a wide range of international dishes spanning the globe from Italian cuisine to India.


“Why Electrolux Professional?”


“Everything should have a hand and a foot. We at Rigastro pulled together with the client EinsEnergie, the Dresden engineering firm Katerbaum, which designed and planned the kitchen, and Kettel Großküchentechnik from Leipzig, which was entrusted with the execution together with Electrolux Professional. Both partners were very keen to ensure that everything worked smoothly right from the start. We were given comprehensive instructions on the functions of all the cooking appliances: An important point, because from day one, the food production had to run smoothly” says the property manager and kitchen manager Kathrin Masche-Schulze.

“I am thrilled by the performance and speed of all the appliances, and especially by the pinpoint accuracy with which they work and on which we can rely blindly” says the chef and kitchen manager

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