PeelersMussel-Shell cleaner, 5 kg with filter & removable compartment (COD 601305)
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Mussel-Shell cleaner, 5 kg with filter & removable compartment

COD 601305

5 kg Mussel/Shell Cleaner with special Plate and incorporated filter basket (recommended choice for Mediterranean mussels)

Product Features

    • Removable stainless steel cleaning chamber to contain the cleaning plate which also serves as a container.
    • Removable water inlet, clipped to the cover, designed to serve as a spray to clean the machine.
    • Integrated built-in filter device, removable for cleaning.
    • Easily fits onto the base, with the drive shaft fitting into the center of the plate.
    • Transparent lid to close the cylinder during cleaning operations.
    • Productivity suitable for 30-100 meals per service.
    • 1 speed: 208 rpm.
    • Supplied with a special shellfish plate and filter basket.
    • Red OFF, green ON buttons.
    • Cleaning time on timer preset to 3 minutes
    • Dishwasher safe removable parts.
    • Unit can be placed on a work top.
    • Transparent BPA free cover.
    • IP55 waterproof control buttons.


    • Supply voltage: 220-240 V/1N ph/50/60 Hz

    • External dimensions, Width: 424 mm

      External dimensions, Height: 590 mm

      External dimensions, Depth: 390 mm

      Shipping weight: 21 kg

    • Performance (up to): 80 - kg/hour

      Capacity (up to): 5 kg

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