How to Feed the World with One Ingredient

Professional kitchens are responsible for a significant part of the food waste generated worldwide. Estimated annual statistics show that in the UK, the volume of food waste is equal to 1.3 billion meals per year and more than 84 percent of food waste generated by US restaurants ends up in landfill.
In the Nordic region alone, 27% of all food waste is attributed to the hospitality and food service industry.

Experts agree that something needs to change to ensure enough provisions remain to feed the project world population of nine billion by 2050.
Electrolux Professional is also being proactive in the need to act now and make a difference for the better. 

Imagine you could make a three-course meal from starter to dessert using one main ingredient – a low cost, seasonal product. It’s about smarter cooking, using fewer ingredients to prevent overconsumption and using each and every part of the product without throwing anything away.

The One Ingredient Menu isn’t limited to vegetables alone. Cooking techniques and creativity can also be used to transform cheaper cuts of meat or less popular fish into quality starter and main courses.

Food waste issues in Professional kitchens have ultimately boiled down to cost saving in the past, but global food trends and sustainable eating are changing the appetite of restaurant customers. In turn, the time is now for the food service industry to respond.

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