Electrolux Graduation Award

Capturing new ideas coming from students on themes such as innovation and sustainability is crucial for Electrolux and in order to encourage graduate students to use our appliances as a theme for their studies and to bring their talent, energy and passion into our production improvement process, we created the Electrolux Graduation Award.

On December 12th the first Electrolux Graduation Award was given to Giulia Zannon from the University of Padova, who won with her thesis “Live estimation of laundry load in vertical axis washing machines”.

The thesis was chosen by a committee consisting of Global R&D Managers from Electrolux Italy and Electrolux Professional, evaluating aspects such as the innovative content, the methodological approach and the possibility to apply the results in the industry.

The thesis won with the motivation: “For the good problem analysis, the structured research approach used to find a possible solution and the presentation of a development plan and a plan for future applications”.
During the ceremony Giulia Zannon held a brief presentation of her work and was awarded 2500 € and a diploma, a part from the congratulations for her excellent work.

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