“Taste, Texture, Structure & Shelf Life”

12-14th June, 2017

The 11th edition of the “Taste, Textur, Structure & Shelf Life” seminar,  held by the Masters Jean-Pierre Richard and Danilo Freguja, took place this week at the Center of Excellence in Pordenone, with the professional support of Maximilian Zedelmeier, Electrolux Academy Chef.

During the session, the participants have analyzed the functions of the various ingredients in chocolate processing such as fats, sugars, emulsifiers, etc. The course was divided into theoretical and a practical part. Pastry and chocolates makers have developed and tested different recipes to get the best result by treating in detail every product component.

“Chocolate Academy” by Master Danilo Freguja, organizes this event once a year with the usual support of Electrolux Professional!

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“Taste, Texture, Structure & Shelf Life” 2017-06-15T16:29:30+02:00 Electrolux Professional