“80 restaurant seats, one stress-free kitchen”

Dean Martin was undoubtedly referring to Paris when he sang about lovers meeting by the lovely river Seine”. Nowadays though, he could just as easily be singing about Rouen.

This smallish city, located some 135 km north west along France’s famous fleuve, has been transformed over recent years – its ageing docks given a new lease of life as a popular destination for eating and entertainment.

Riverside restaurant

Our lively restaurant, Le Bistrot en Seine, forms part of that flourishing scene. We’re open every day for lunch and dinner, serving fresh and traditional French cuisine. With 80 covers, plus a beautiful terrace overlooking the docks, maintaining a stress-free kitchen is no mean feat.

Here, intuitive and effective commercial kitchen equipment ensures everybody can do their jobs effectively, whilst all our of chefs work to the rhythm of the electro music we play throughout the dining area. The atmosphere is incredible! By noon each day, the restaurant is filled with happy customers from local businesses, whilst in the evening, guests come here to enjoy an aperitif and relax after a tough day’s work in our thriving city.


When I was hired in summer 2016, the owners’ plans to turn an old hangar along the riverbank into a successful restaurant were nearly complete. All that was left for me to do was to test the new equipment and evaluate the distribution of space before we were ready to open.

It was quite a scary prospect, not least because I’d never worked with Electrolux Professional before. Luckily, the kitchen plans were well thought-out, and the equipment turned out to be just what we needed – enabling us to cook accurately, efficiently and with much less stress.

For example, cooking foie gras on our thermaline cooking range is so precise that we can hardly get the recipe wrong! We also met with culinary consultant, Joël Reynaud, who showed us the benefits of the ovens in particular.

Looking back, I needn’t have worried. The restaurant’s success seems to have been assured from the moment I arrived, because within three months our tables were full. And as far as the equipment goes, not only would I have trouble working without it, but I’ve even decided to install Electrolux equipment in my kitchen at home!

Romain Huet, Le Bistrot en Seine

Rouen, France

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“80 restaurant seats, one stress-free kitchen” 2017-12-22T10:00:33+02:00 Electrolux Professional