How to choose the best commercial griddle for your kitchen

Choosing the best commercial griddle for your kitchen can be hard because there are so many options on the market. There are three things to consider:

  • The power source used for the commercial griddle
  • The plate of the commercial griddle
    • Material: steel, chromed steel, ceramic glass
    • Surface: flat or “ribbed” or even a combination of the two
  • The structure of the commercial griddle
    • Full height
    • Countertop

Let’s look at each of these to see how the different features suit your commercial kitchen needs.


The best commercial griddle: power


Choosing the best commercial griddle includes considering which power source to use.

Commercial griddles come with two major power sources: electric and gas. The main difference lies in the heating and recovery time – gas griddles normally heat up and recover faster than their electric counterparts. Recovery time is the time it takes for the griddle to reach the right cooking temperature after it has been switched off or after the temperature has dropped (e.g. if you fill the griddle with a load of steaks taken directly out of the fridge). Electric griddles, in turn, are easier to move, easier to install and come in different sizes, which makes them more versatile and suitable for big commercial kitchens through to small mobile catering.


The best commercial griddle: plates


There are three main materials used for the plates on commercial griddles

  • Steel: steel griddles are the most versatile and economical. They are suitable for constant cooking, although they need proper maintenance to avoid wear.
  • Chromed steel: a chromed finish makes the surface very effective at transferring heat to food and means it emits less heat into the kitchen; it also prevents foods from sticking to the plate. Easy to clean as long as you follow care instructions.
  • Ceramic glass: ceramic glass is a perfect heat conductor, so this finish is a great energy saver and the surface heats up quickly. It is also much easier to clean provided that you use the specific scraper.

Commercial griddle plates come in three versions:

  • Flat: plain, flat griddles. There are no grooves so fat and grease is not channeled away and the food is cooked in its fat: tastier, less healthy, no sear marks. Perfect for pancakes and eggs
  • Ribbed: these griddles have small grooves that channel grease and fat away. Perfect for meat and fish, not so great for eggs, pancakes and the like
  • Mixed: these are a combination of ribbed and flat and are available only for larger griddles


The best commercial griddle: size


Full height griddles come as standalone appliances, while countertop griddles can be positioned on top of other appliances. In both cases, they should be placed below a canopy or an extraction hood but the choice depends on the size of the kitchen and the workflow design.

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