Electrolux Professional has been very good to me and the equipment has been very good to my kitchen. I wouldn’t hesitate to reccomend the products to others in the industry.

Simon Hulstone, Chef Proprietor
The Elephant - Michelin star Restaurant Devon, United Kingdom

The right choice for your Restaurant’s Kitchen 

Sometimes running a restaurant kitchen can be a very tough task. That’s why it’s so important to have a mate that helps you and never lets you down.

Solutions and Suggestion for your Restaurant Business

Fine Dining Restaurant

We know you want the best for your customers, so do we. Be the finest in food, service and atmosphere with Electrolux Professional. It all starts with your kitchen where your menu comes to life.


Full Service Restaurant

We understand that the equipment requirements for a restaurant differs from restaurant to restaurant. Be it standard kitchen ranges or specialized tools, Electrolux Professional has the equipment that can solve even your toughest challenges.

XP Cooking RangeCook and ChillRefrigerated Cabinets

Quick Service Restaurant

We know the importance of a seamless flow in your kitchen to ensure quality and consistency at a faster rate. Together with Electrolux Professional, bring satisfaction to your customers every day with our intuitive and high performance solutions.
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XP Cooking RangeCut, Mix and SliceRefrigerated CabinetsSpeeDelight

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