Coffee System TANGO SOLO ST, 1 group full-automatic machine (COD 602547)
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Espresso Coffee Machines - TANGO ST

Coffee System
TANGO SOLO ST, 1 group full-automatic machine

COD 602547

Full-automatic machine, 1 group, 270x40 ml espresso cup/hr, 6,5 liter steam/coffee boiler, 1x1,7 kg and 1x1,2 kg coffee hopper, programmable water and steam


  • Supply voltage: 400 V/3N ph/50 Hz

    Electrical power max.: 5.2 kW

    Plug type: Cable without plug

  • Current consumption: 14.5 Amps

  • External dimensions, Width: 453 mm

    External dimensions, Depth: 629 mm

    External dimensions, Height: 752 mm

    Net weight: 98 kg

    Shipping volume: 0.69 m³

  • Cold water temperature (min/max): 5 / 60 °C

Product Features

The super automatic coffee machine Tango® ST Solo takes up a 7" color touch screen user interface to control intuitively the TANGO® group head recognized for its exceptional coffee extraction quality. It aims to automatically transform coffee and fresh milk into a variety of espresso beverages.
1 group full-automatic machine.
6.5 liter steam/coffee boiler.
Auto cleaning program.
Programmable water and steam.
The machine is able to create and compose a choice of 48 drinks menu and delivers 2 drinks simultaneously operating water and steam: it impresses its users with an exceptional result in every cup, and the quality of its equipment makes it a highly reliable choice for demanding professional use.
Delivery Capacity:
Espresso 40ml: 270 cups/h
Lungo 100ml: 180 cups/h
Hot Water: 36 L/h
2 coffee grinders (1 x 1,7 kg & 1 x 1,2 kg coffee hoppers).
LCD Touchscreen.
LED lights on body.
PID (proportional–integral–derivative) Temperature control: a precise controller algorithm system that gives consistency and accuracy to brewing temperature management system.

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