A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel

Rome, Italy


A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel, word of the day: efficiency!

The A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel project began back in August 2014, when the Electrolux Professional agency Fialco Srl was asked to realize, for the restaurant area, a layout for different cooking stations (“zoning”) according to the indications of the Taiwan properties of the LDC Hotel Resort group. Months of meetings, comparisons and new projects followed until everything satisfied their indications.

Today, the result is in front of everyone’s eyes: a main kitchen for basic preparations, 10 independent show cooking stations, a kitchen dedicated to events and banquets in the conference area and a real pastry and bakery laboratory of approx. 100 sqm.

11 months for the construction, approx. 600 m3 of equipment, 9 lorries and numerous other trucks. The installation took 60 days, with specialized technicians working from 5 to 11 hours/day for a total of about 2200 hours including assembly and assistance during the opening: an intense program which required extremely hard work in order to deliver all the areas in time.

Taking a closer look, the real peculiarity of the restaurant is the 10 open kitchens, all independent, alternating approx. forty chefs.

The particular customer requests created the need for equipment targeting unique solutions such as: the steam pressure oven, for cooking dumplings at the Chinese station, the 2.2 mt long chrome-plated fry top for the Teppanyaki area, the powerful gas wok for the Asian area, the induction wok to finish the pasta and a large 2-deck pizza oven for the Italian station.

Each show cooking area is prepared for service to the customer with the brand new drop-in appliances, the evolution of self-service, characterized by hot and cold showcases perfectly embedded in custom-made furniture.

Now about the “Laundry”!

A.Roma Hotel decided to create its own internal laundry to meet the needs of a modern hotel spa.

The dedicated area was organized to perfection with 2 washing machines, 20 and 11 kg, one used exclusively for washing mops; an 18kg dryer and two ironing boards.

Internally they process about 150 kg of laundry per day between the spa towels, curtains, pillows, duvets and staff uniforms.

This choice allows to directly control the wash cycle and monitor the process: you are sure of what you do, how you do it and the products that you use.

If, for the hotel, having an internal laundry extends the life of the towels and reduces costs, for the guest this translates in to having perfectly sanitized bathrobes and towels, soft and fragrant, worthy of a luxury hotel.

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