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Lycèe Gustave Eiffel

Reims, France

Cooking School

Lycèe Gustave Eiffel and Electrolux – the beginning of the route to success

Installing a high-tech Electrolux kitchen in the local Gustave Eiffel cooking school was the best choice for innovative equipment that meets the standards and expectations in terms of sustainable development. It is also a story about the meeting of human values: the one between Michel Darcq, Director, and Ali Dahmna, Director of Business Development Electrolux Professional.

The idea was to use a manufacturer to design the stove and an innovative working concept with unique specifications: a step ahead, islands, savings in electricity, with a wide choice of innovative equipment,

says Michel Darcq. A project perfectly suited for Electrolux, a perfect example of the will of the brand to establish itself in French culinary schools.

Offer the best tool

About 350 young people per year initiate their training here, plus 150 to 200 trainees in continuing education. It was essential to develop the space “in order to offer them the best possible tools and training to their allow them to succeed.” And it is not the 23 teachers hard at work that say otherwise!

A major project

Assisted by Bruno Theenivs for the food / catering area, Michel Darcq was undecided on how to optimize the 900 m2 allocated to the section. Teachers were also involved regarding the approach and implementation.

Our project, approved by the body of academic inspection, allows us to anticipate developments in the hotel sector over the next 15 years,” says Darcq. “It was imperative to comply with the latest regulations and to integrate sustainable development. When technology saves both costs and energy, safety and comfort, then we have a winning formula! “,

said one of the teachers. In the end, the equation by Michel Darcq found its solution: “The equipment installed was in line with our concept, combining tradition and innovation, respect for our values and expertise, all leaving space for experimentation.” The construction began in April 2015.

I had the opportunity to discover more in Senlis, on the Sirha and in Rungis, during the Electrolux truck tour“, says Darcq, who also said to have appreciated the Electrolux collaboration regarding the work to be conducted for the health control plan. “Proximity is also an asset in terms of monitoring and maintenance,” he underlines.

Why Electrolux Professional?

“The Electrolux thermaline range contributes to the well-being of the students and teachers. It offers a better working comfort allowing for imagination and creativity. In addition, the power is remarkable. Our goal is to enable young students to succeed by offering the best tools and training opportunities. In addition, the quality of the materials and equipment contributes effectively. “

A gourmet tour

An inviting smell of tarts flows through the rooms of the school. The visit is delicious and filled with information. After a detour through the workshops and the area dedicated to the development and distribution of pastries, we learned that the establishment had once been a College of Technical Education, a school of Vocational Education and then a Vocational High School.

It has been completely renovated and the name Gustave Eiffel was given in 1995, at the inauguration of the new premises. The diploma in culinary arts has existed here since 1957!

We also discovered the brewery “The Esquenet” and the restaurant “Bagnolet”, powered by the students themselves, there is a passage between the kitchens. The contrast between the two existing environments is quite noticeable. The old kitchen is well-equipped and efficient, but does not have the multiple benefits like the new: a sense of ease of movement, optimum visibility thanks to the island configuration, the high-tech materials… everything has been designed to put students in a position to prepare for the reality of their future profession. And they are delighted!

Some of the Electrolux solutions installed:

  • thermaline cooking suite comprising: electric fry top, 4-burner top, free-cooking plate, aquacooker, refrigerated base, pass-thru oven, open base, work top, induction top, induction wok, electric oven, gas pasta cooker, fryer, gas grill, electric chip scuttle
  • air-o-steam Touchline oven 6 GN1 / 1 with extraction hood
  • air-o-chill blast freezer
  • 3-door refrigerated table

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