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IKEA Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand


IKEA continues to select Electrolux Professional as a supplier for its stores.

Recently, IKEA chose Electrolux for its largest store in South East Asia.

The opening is expected for March 2012.

The new IKEA store in Bangkok will be a stand alone part of the MEGA BAGNGA Shopping Center, 225 000 sq m. in total, where 40 000 sq m of it will belong to IKEA store.

Electrolux braising pans of 100 liters capacity are ready to cater to more than 700 of IKEA’s restaurant seats.

thermaline range is the ideal solution when there are needs to prepare large quantities of food while maintaining excellent quantity.

air-o-steam Touchline combi ovens installed in IKEA’s restaurant provide high productivity, great results and efficiency when it comes to the preparation of a large amount of food.

To deal with the enormous volume of dirty dishes and crockery, IKEA’s choice is Electrolux Flight Type Dishwashers that guarantee excellent washing, rinsing performance and hygiene.

In 2008, Electrolux was chosen as one of IKEA’s exclusive suppliers across Europe. Now it’s time for Electrolux to conquer ASIA in 2012. We anticipate more mutual projects between IKEA and Electrolux Professional.

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