E.A. ETAPE 43 Restaurant

Vergongheon, France

Sheltered Workshop

Making a good business even better

It was primarily to respond to the needs expressed by schools that the association ETAPE 43, nestled in the heart of Auvergne, decided to invest in a new dining activity.
Thanks to its success, a new kitchen project was initiated in 2013 and completed two years later together with a meal delivery system.

“The dilapidated premises, their lack of practicality, security issues: so many points raised the need to install a new production area,” explains Axel Joigny, Deputy Director of ETAPE 43.

December 2015 was the inauguration of the new site. Of the 650 m2 that make up the building, 490 m2 are reserved exclusively for the kitchen, which guarantees 800 meals a day as well as the 200 meals delivered thanks to the efficient drivers.

etape 43 restaurant

About 15 people work in the kitchen but some are also in the bakery, “an additional activity that makes about 25% of our turnover, continuously growing,” says Axel Joigny.
With the thought out plans from the architect, it was deemed necessary to adapt the premises. “Loïc Fabre, Regional Sales Manager at Electrolux Professional, greatly contributed to the success of this project,” states the Deputy Director.

“From our side, the new kitchen has already been tested and approved. The operators are happy to work with ergonomic appliances, easy to use and clean, that make you just want to cook! Moreover, cooking can start during the night, which offers comfort and flexibility in the management of meals.”

ETAPE 43 has achieved such a success with its dishes at the inauguration that the association has been evaluating the start of a catering activity. The challenge offers a real growth opportunity for the association and may be the starting point for new projects and investments.

etape 43 restaurant
why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Axel Joigny – deputy director of ETAPE 43 commented:

“We received excellent support on our project, which made the difference. The high-quality material is perfectly suited to our users, practical, functional, with excellent results. The strength of Electrolux is also the quality of its customer care. Electrolux is the choice for a long lasting partnership that we intend to pursue and develop further.”

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