Armonia Laundry Room

Taranto, Italy

The Armonia laundry room is the largest such facility in Italy in terms of hourly productivity

Inside the Osmairm center of excellence for rehabilitation in Italy, the new Armonia laundry room chooses Electrolux Professional as its global partner.

Located in Laterza in the province of Taranto, in the heart of Italy’s Apulia region, Osmairm has been operating for over 50 years as a rehabilitation center of excellence that cares for all the needs of people in discomfort due to psychomotor impairment or serious debilitating diseases.

Based inside the clinic is Armonia, the company in charge of catering and laundry, two very important services that influence the wellbeing of the center’s in-patients. Precisely for this reason, Osmairm decided to renew its entire stock of food and laundry equipment, choosing Electrolux Professional solutions. From pre-sales advice to design, installation and after-sales, Electrolux Professional offered an all-inclusive service, underlining the brand’s credentials as a OnE-stop solution provider and global partner.

“From the outset we identified Electrolux Professional as the partner capable of meeting our expectations. The company has always shown great professionalism in all phases of its work: from planning around our needs to timely and meticulous implementation, as well as prompt technical support,” said Gianfranco Lopane, CEO of Armonia Immobiliare Srl.

“We decided to build this new system to improve the quality of our services and make our processes more efficient. We like to think that with this new investment, we have added quality to our ‘washing’, making our own small contribution to improving the quality of life of the ‘special’ patients at the Osmairm Centre.”

The new Armonia laundry room covers an area of approximately 400 m2 on the ground floor, which is where the production systems are installed, in addition to a storeroom occupying a further 400 m2 on the first floor.

The layout was designed to ensure a sterile environment with physical partitioning between “dirty” and “clean” areas. The production process involves a preliminary phase of sorting clothes by means of a microchip scanning system. Washing is performed by five Electrolux Professional barrier washer extractors with different production capacities, specifically 35 kg, 70 kg, 90 kg and 110 kg. The “clean” area is equipped with five Electrolux Professional dryers (4 x 60 kg, 1 x 35 kg), an ironer, an ironing system consisting of two ironing tables, two presses and a multi-form finisher, as well as a towel folder, all powered by Electrolux Professional. For the guests’ most delicate items, the lagoon® Wet Cleaning System by Electrolux Professional was selected. Finally, there is a wrapping and cloakroom area where, again using microchips, clean linen is folded and stacked by customer/patient before being redistributed.

Record-breaking numbers

The Armonia laundry room is the largest such facility in Italy in terms of hourly productivity, processing over 2000 kg of linen and clothing per day — which is only half its total capacity!

The laundry facility inside Osmairm rehabilitation center mainly cleans flat linen (including sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers, tablecloths and towels), as well as in-patients’ clothing and the uniforms of healthcare staff.

why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Gianfranco Lopane – CEO of Armonia Immobiliare Srl

“Electrolux Professional equipment has a very simple interface and this makes it easier for operators to move from one machine to another, as well as allowing us to optimize the workflow. The machines are ergonomic and make it possible to work in total safety,”

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