To fight against the epidemic, Electrolux Professional provides solutions for maximum hygiene in hospitals

Viruses and bacteria spread by air, saliva, blood and other ways. Medical fabrics, doctor uniforms, surgical fabrics and infectious ward fabrics may carry harmful viruses. Thorough cleaning can eliminate the risk of infection and prevent cross contamination.

Barrier Washers 

The concept of barrier washing is to build a barrier to separate the dirty zone from the clean zone, to avoid any physical contact or linen contact between the two zones, in order to avoid spreading harmful microorganism and cross contamination. It is not only implemented in the laundry room, instead provides a holistic approach from dirty bed to clean bed. The transportation and storage of linen should be strictly controlled to ensure that the linen used by patients and medical workers is clean, sanitary and sterile.

In every step of the laundry process, the use of the barrier washers enables maximum hygiene and provides safety protection for the hospital staff and patients. Preventing the spread of bacteria and virus by the physical barrier, and deactivating the virus with high temperature, is a proven laundry solution in the medical industry.

Real-time monitoring and traceable high temperature disinfection function

There are three kinds of standards of high temperature disinfection: 93℃ for one minute, 71℃ for three minutes and 65℃ for ten minutes.

Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers meet the requirements of the three standards.  It has three features to ensure thorough disinfection and prevent cross-contamination:

  • Provide standard procedures tocontrol the washing process and time,to ensure compliance with legal hygiene standards;
  • Provide real-time monitoring to effectively trace the washing process,and avoidanyone skipping the specified cleaning steps;
  • Provide the washing process monitoring report, retroactively check all the high-temperaturedisinfectionprocedures, and reconfirm whether the disinfection is carried out according to the specified temperature and time.

HACCP: Comply with RABC standard

HACCP is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food and medicine, RABC is the equivalent to the laundry industry.  In many cases, contaminated linen or clothing can also cause microbial damage and cross contamination to food and medicines. They both work hand in hand to ensure that laundry and clothing do not cause microbial damage and cross contamination to food and healthcare.

In order to guarantee the maximum hygiene, it is important to choose the right washers and ensure the safely control of the microbial, chemical and physical hazards in the laundry process.

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