Electrolux Professional dishwashers for the farm

The trend towards regional farm products opens up a new application segment for Electrolux Professional: high-quality professional dishwashers that meet the highest hygiene standards.

Swiss researchers at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts recently investigated how everyday life in corona times affects people’s consumer behaviour*. From the results of their survey, the scientists concluded that many people would want to eat healthier in the future and are also paying more attention to the regional nature of food. The changed behaviour could reinforce the trend towards farm shops – not only in Switzerland, but also in Austria and Germany.

Yoghurt and drinking milk are among the popular farm products. But producing and marketing dairy products themselves has so far been viewed with scepticism by agricultural dairy farmers. After all, the most important question facing farms is: How can farm products such as drinking milk or yoghurt be packaged in such a way that they meet the high hygienic requirements of food safety?

Electrolux Professional looked into this possibility after the company received a request from the agricultural sector. The company recently carried out the practical test:

“The results are convincing across the board”, says Auke Faber, Product Manager DACH Food Service at Electrolux Professional, and explains: “Even when milk and yoghurt residues have dried up, our dishwashers manage to rinse the glass containers completely clean and, thanks to the 90 degree hot rinse temperature at the end of the process, ensure maximum hygiene for the glasses”.


Electrolux Professional prepared milk bottles for the test as well as small and large yoghurt glasses with milk residues that dried up after a certain time. The testers left half of the jars for three hours, the other half was dried for five minutes at 120 degrees. The glasses were washed in an Electrolux Professional Green&Clean hood-type dishwasher and in an EUCIADD dishwasher. Both dishwashers have the feature of a 90-degree after-rinse temperature.

The result of the test was “highly positive“, says Auke Faber. The large milk bottles with a height of 260 mm and an opening diameter of 45 mm were rinsed hygienically clean in a time of 14 seconds after 10 or 15 minutes at 64 degrees Celsius and a rinse with 90-degree hot water and also showed no residues of detergent. The tests with the large yoghurt glasses (125 mm high and 60 mm opening diameter) as well as the small glasses (90 mm high and 47 mm opening) achieved the same result. The former were rinsed for 10 minutes, while the yoghurt glasses, which had only been standing around for three hours, took only 5 minutes.  The rinsing process with 92 degrees hot water lasted 14 seconds for all glasses.

Electrolux Professional now plans to specify its farm dishwasher solutions and distribute them in the new application segment.

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