How to maintain and clean your SkyLine ovens

Electrolux Professional manufactures appliances built to last. Here’s our guide to ensuring the maximum performance and durability of these smart self-cleaning ovens.

The equipment you use every day has a huge effect on your business’ productivity and success, which is what makes it such an important investment. And once you’ve chosen the best appliances for the job, you want to protect your investment by keeping them running smoothly with regular maintenance and cleaning.

Not only will you ensure minimum downtime and get the most out of your equipment, looking after appliances can also help maintain optimum energy and water efficiencyreducing your business costs.

Electrolux Professional’s line of SkyLine ovens is the ideal sustainable investment for a range of professional catering needs. They are not only user-friendly appliances, with ergonomic design the number one priority, but also highly productive and cost and time-efficient, saving on water, energy, and chemicals to help you contribute to a greener future.

Combining smart technology and human-centered design, SkyLine ovens have the lowest running costs on the market and are first-class in ergonomics and usability. They are also the lowest in energy, gas, and water consumption in the industry, without compromising incredible performance, food safety and hygiene standards.

What is unique about SkyLine professional ovens is the in-built cleaning system, which allows your business to cut down energy, water, and detergent costs. Combined with the automated cleaning and descaling cycles of the Electrolux Professional PremiumS and ProS models, you can ensure longer appliance life and top performance for a sustainable investment which benefits both your pocket and the planet.

The importance of cleaning and maintenance

Electrolux Professional’s SkyLine ovens are self-cleaning ovens that reduce running costs by up to 15%*. By ensuring your combi oven is correctly used and maintained, you can increase its reliability, uptime, performance, and conformity to warranty conditions.

Regular cleaning operations also help keep your oven in mint condition and prevent future maintenance issues, as users will be able to identify potential repairs earlier on, preventing more significant damage and lengthier repairs down the road.

Each SkyLine oven features SkyClean, an in-built, automatic cleaning system. The integrated “Zero Lime” descaling system of the steam generator and eco-friendly Green Spirit Cycles reduce water, energy, and detergent consumption, lowering both business costs and environmental impact. These self-cleaning features make it easier than ever to guarantee your appliance’s long-term efficiency and uncompromising performance for years to come.

SkyClean automatic cleaning system

SkyClean built-in cleaning technology ensures that every part of the chamber is perfectly cleaned and sparkling without any food or grease residues. It relies on an easy-to-use, ergonomic touchscreen interface with clear instructions throughout the entire process. Simply decide between a solid or liquid clean depending on the intensity required, press the correct button, insert the necessary chemicals (as instructed on the screen), and wait until your oven is dirt-free and sparkling.

It is important to note that, when using the self-cleaning function, you should never leave accessories or trays inside the unit to reduce the risk of damage. You can also find further instructions in this video and access specific product cleaning information by scanning the QR code on each product package.

Moreover, the ZeroLime automatic boiler descaling guarantees optimal performance and an extended life cycle over time, as water and chemicals enter the steam drain to keep SkyLine ovens performing to the very best of their ability. This runs automatically at every cleaning cycle, so there is no downtime, meaning huge advantages for the oven’s performance, operation, and longevity.

Choosing the right detergent

Electrolux Professional’s cleaning and descaling products are phosphate and phosphorus-free, a more environmentally friendly solution so your business can contribute to a safer planet for all. The SkyLine models also have two different cleaning options – “solid” for an intense clean and “liquid” for greater flexibility during busy catering periods. This second option allows users to immediately stop a cleaning cycle if an unexpected customer walks through the door, for example.

Solid detergents

The C22 Cleaning Tab solution ensures optimal cleaning even in challenging conditions, making it ideal for all types of cooking sites, from restaurants to hotels to cruise ship kitchens. Meanwhile, the C25 Rinse & Descale Tab is a handy two-in-one solution which works magic, cleaning, rinsing, and removing lime deposits for impeccable, long-lasting appliances.

The tabs are placed in separate compartments before running the cleaning cycle, with clear instructions for operators on the easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

Liquid detergents

For more demanding cleaning with medium to high dirt levels, use C20 and C21, Extra Strong liquid detergent and rinse aid for well-used ovens needing an intense clean. For liquid detergents, we recommend frequent descaling treatment and a dedicated watering filter for incoming water.

Final thoughts

Correct cleaning, when undertaken in conjunction with periodic maintenance in accordance with Electrolux Professional recommendations, is the best way to ensure your equipment conforms to warranty requirements, and also provides consistently high performance for many years.

Whatever your catering needs, the SkyLine Combi oven line is sure to have the perfect fit for you, from bustling restaurants and boutique hotels to luxury cruise ships. Find the perfect model for your business using our web page’s easy-to-use product comparison function.

* Compared to previous Electrolux Professional oven range.

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