European summer experience at Electrolux Professional: France and Spain took up the challenge!

Francesco Cessel
Jeremy Margirier


Francesco Cessel: from Rubi – Spain, 21 years old, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Department of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual engineering.

Jérémy Margirier: from Beausemblant – France, 22 years old,  he’s studying engineering at ECI école central de Lyon.

What led you to take up an internship at Electrolux Professional?

Francesco: My parents are from Italy, my father is from Veneto and my mother from Pordenone: that’s why they know very well Electrolux Professional and its great history in the territory

Jérémy: I’m doing an apprenticeship in a French company while attending lessons at the University. At the école central de Lyon it is expected that students do a foreign internship in a country outside France. My desire was to do it in Italy, I was fascinating from your country and so I got in touch with Electrolux Professional, knowing it was an international Company, where it was possible to reach my tasks: improve my English and gain technical skills.

What was the thing that impressed you the most when you arrived for the first time in Electrolux Professional?

Francesco: For sure the size of EPR in Vallenoncello (PN)  firstly impressed me the most and then the amount of work that is done inside the Lab: I didn’t expect a so wide range of activities.  In addition to tests and experimentations, I had the opportunity to collaborate building a prototype: a new compressor of a fridge.

Jérémy: Size of the Plant, number of lines and number of employees: that’s what impressed me the most. The openness of colleagues too was something special for me, they took me at the restaurant, shops and in the city center, introducing me in the real Pordenone life.

Can you tell us more about the project you were involved in?

Francesco: I’ve contributed to develop the test activities in the Lab following the Lab Engineers indications and making experience of the daily life in the Approval Lab. In particular I had been introduced into an innovative project: new technical solutions for our refrigerators trying to reduce the energy consumption of the running cycles.

Jérémy: My main task was to improve the documentation in E&P Lab, to keep a traceability of modifications made on a prototype. My activities were:  explain to prototypers the utility of reports, build examples they could use as models, support the creation of a standard template, supporting the team delivering reports as much accurate as possible.

If a friend asked you to describe the experience you lived in Electrolux Professional in few words, which ones would you choose?

Francesco: One sentence is perfect to sum up my experience: Learning with friends.

Jérémy: three concepts to descripe my internship in Electrolux Professional: Good Welcoming, various activities and experienced people.

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