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We’ve listened to our customers and with the help of their insights have developed a range of hotel laundry equipment with improved ergonomics, productivity and  functionality.

Laundry equipment for hotels

Superior washes with our range of hospitality laundry equipment

Electrolux Professional hotel laundry equipment is designed to save you money and deliver great results. Our range include front load washers, commercial barrier washers, side load washers and commercial washing machines.

Add our Dosing systems to your machines to really maximise your savings and increase your efficiency.

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Laundry Equipment Made For Hotels

Being in the hospitality industry means that you have new guests checking in and current guests checking out daily. Hotel guests expect high standards, and this high turnover means that hotels go through tons of laundry on a daily basis; from towels and napkins to sheets, duvet and pillowcases – the laundry load is forever renewing.

That’s why it’s so important to have an in-house laundry system that you can have complete control over. You know what’s gone in, what’s coming out and you also know that your own machines are going to do the job to the lofty standards that you hold your hotel up to.

Electrolux Professional offers premium laundry equipment for hotels that want to have 100% control over the cost and quality of their establishment’s laundry process.
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Electrolux Equipment for Your Hotel Laundry

When you install an in-house laundry with Electrolux Professional, you aren’t just getting a trusted brand and high-quality machines – you are getting a fully-integrated, world-class service that we have honed over almost 100 years of experience in the industry.

Here’s what to expect when you choose Electrolux Professional for your hotel laundry equipment:

Global name and trusted brand: Electrolux is one of the world’s premium electrical brands and as such you know that when you install laundry equipment through Electrolux Professional that the machines have been designed to save you money and deliver exceptional results.

Experience: At Electrolux Professional, we have a combined amount of 100 years of experience in commercial kitchen and laundry equipment. Our vast time in the industry means that we have seen it all and done it all and that we have the superior skills and knowledge to install and maintain the best commercial laundry for your hotel.

Expertise: Our highly experienced technicians explore all aspects of every project to ensure that we get it right from the very beginning. We measure and inspect comprehensively to avoid costly mistakes and make sure everything is installed into your property perfectly.

Greener products: By using our Electrolux products, you are doing the environment a favour through the use of our green technology. Not only is this great for the planet, but your company too. Green products use less electricity and our equipment will ensure that your utility bills are lower than ever before.

Maintenance agreements: We don’t simply install our laundry equipment for hotels and leave you to it. Every project that we do have a comprehensive maintenance plan that ensures that your machines are well taken care of and that you have someone on hand should there be any problems.

Spare parts: One of the most frustrating things with electrical equipment is the lack of availability of spare parts should something go wrong. However, we have over 55,000 spare parts available, which means that your equipment will be fixed in no time at all and you don’t have to stress about downtime during the day to day running of your hotel.

Superior Hotel Laundry Equipment

Ensure that you meet the lofty standards of your guests and impress them with your exceptional in-house laundry service. Get in touch with us at Electrolux Professional to find out more about our laundry services and the other offers we have to help your hotel thrive.

We are extremely proud to be known internationally as the premier brand that restaurants, hotels and cafes trust to deliver high-quality products. We provide Australia with restaurant kitchen equipment. Also, we promise to continue to provide reliable commercial dishwashers and commercial dishwashers in Sydney. Don’t hold back, contact us today.
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