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Cleanliness above all

Electrolux’s dishwashing equipment provides unsurpassable washing & rinsing options.

This diverse product range offers glasswashers, undercounter, hood type, rack type, utensil washers and flight type dishwashers to meet your specific needs.

In addition, Electrolux offers the whole range of accessory, handlying and waste management system to facilitate ergonomic and friendly washing evnironment.
The majority of our units are 98% recyclable by weight.

For shiny glasses, these detergents completely eliminate drops and stains, leaving everything perfectly dry and clean. Thanks to a specific formula we prevent the formation of limestone.

Accessories and consumables

Looking for An Exceptional Commercial Dishwasher In Adelaide?

If that is the case, then you have come to the right place. At Electrolux Professional, we are committed to supplying and servicing the very best equipment and appliances to businesses that require first-rate kitchen and laundry services as part of their regular operation. For well over ninety years we have been providing top-class kitchen and laundry equipment to some of the biggest names in the service and hospitality industries.
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Over the decades, we have developed our wares to maximise functionality, durability and performance of our commercial dishwashers in Adelaide by employing the very latest technology and design techniques. Our focus is on delivering the very best quality products that reduce utility costs so that our clients can focus on what is most important to them – delivering a high standard of service to their customers, enhancing and preserving their brand.

Make the Smart Choice For Your Adelaide Business

Whether you are a small business looking to invest in better facilities to meet the demands of your clientele or you are part of an established brand that is planning a new development, you can find all of the kitchen and laundry expertise you need to ensure you get maximum value from your investment.

We regularly work with hotels, restaurants, hospitals, resorts, bistros, care facilities, convention centres, cruise liners, catered apartment buildings and sports clubs. We design bespoke solutions to their kitchen and laundry needs that encompass the best quality brand equipment at prices that are affordable and competitive. We are interested in fostering long-lasting relationships with our client companies and therefore endeavour to make working with us as easy, straight forward and financially viable as possible.

Electrolux Professional Dishwashers: An Incredibly Diverse Range Of Products

As standards within the restaurant industry have changed over time to conform with improvements to health and safety, so too have kitchen standards. We have been at the forefront of this quiet revolution taking an active role in making food preparation and kitchen cleaning more hygienic. We offer a diverse product range of glasswashers, under-counter, hood type, rack type, utensil washers and flight-type professional dishwashers in Adelaide to meet the needs of professional kitchens dealing with high-volume turnover.

Unrivalled Industrial Dishwashing Machines

If you are in the market for an industrial dishwasher in Adelaide then whatever you do, don’t agree to purchase from another vendor before you have seen what Electrolux Professional can offer your company.

Nowhere else will you find a similar range of high-performance products for professional kitchens and laundry under the same roof. If you are uncertain about our ability to deliver first-class kitchen and laundry solutions, then we encourage you to view some of our previous client’s satisfied testimonials and reviews.

You can find these videos on our YouTube account linked directly from our website. For any queries you may have regarding equipment, sales or repairs don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone, or alternatively, you can submit your request through our site, and we will contact you as soon as is convenient. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are proud to be known as the premier global brand that businesses trust to get the job done. We supply Australia with commercial kitchen exhaust fans. Additionally, we specialise in delivering high-quality commercial combi ovens and commercial steam ovens. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
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Discover what our dishwashing equipment can do for your business

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  • Warewashinggreen&clean hood type Dishwasher, Automatic with ZERO LIME Device & Filtering System

    green&clean hood type Dishwasher, Automatic with ZERO LIME Device & Filtering System

    Hood Type Dishwasher, with double skin insulated automatic hood, Wash Safe Control, ZERO LIME Device, CLEAR BLUE Filtering System, rinse aid dispenser and drain pump, 80r/h
    • NSF/ANSI 3 and DIN 10512 compliant.
    • 45/84/150 seconds cycles (High productivity mode); 57/84/150 seconds cycles (NSF/ANSI 3 mode).
    • The machine can be connected to cold water*.
    • ZERO LIME Device ensures total scale removal from the boiler, the hydraulic circuits and the washing chamber allowing ultimate performances and lower energy consumption thanks to the high-efficiency heating element.

  • WarewashingExtrasmall Single Skin Glasswasher, 1 cycle, 30b/h

    Extrasmall Single Skin Glasswasher, 1 cycle, 30b/h

    Glasswasher (extrasmall), single skin, 1 cycle, 30b/h
    • Built-in pressure boiler designed to raise incoming water to a guaranteed minimum temperature of 82°C for sanitizing rinse. No external boiler is required.
    • Washing system endowed with rotating washing arms, high powered wash pump and large capacity wash tank for professional washing.
    • Flexible rack support suitable to use rack dimension from 350x350mm up to 380x380mm.
    • Maximum capacity of 30 racks per hour.

  • WarewashingGreen & Clean Undercounter Dishwasher with Wash Safe Control, drain pump & CWS

    Green & Clean Undercounter Dishwasher with Wash Safe Control, drain pump & CWS

    Undercounter Dishwasher, double skin, insulated with atmospheric boiler (4,5kW), continuous water softener, drain pump and wash safe control, 720d/h
    • Continuous water softener (CWS) to ensure complete and automatic regeneration of rinse water without pressure drop.
    • Front loading of regeneration salt: 2 resin containers alternate for non-stop washing.
    • Built-in atmospheric boiler sized to raise incoming 50 °C water to 84 °C minimum for sanitizing rinse. No external booster is required.
    • Built-in rinse aid dispenser with automatic initial and continuous cycle loading for perfect result while minimizing service and maintenance needs.

  • Handling SystemSorting Table Right to Left, 1000x800mm

    Handling System
    Sorting Table Right to Left, 1000x800mm

    Sorting table, Right>Left, 1000x800 mm
    • Optional extras: plain tray slider, cutlery chute or additional scraping hole.
    • All surfaces smooth with polished finish.
    • Receiving tabletop with raised side edges all-round, reduces the possibility of crockery being pushed off the table.
    • Constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel with square 40x40mm legs.

  • Service TrolleysPlatform Trolley 600 mm

    Service Trolleys
    Platform Trolley 600 mm

    Platform Trolley 600mm
    • Ideal to transport kitchenware and dishwashing racks.
    • Framework in 25 mm tubing, completely welded.
    • Load capacity of 150 kg uniformly distributed.
    • Seamless sound-absorbing platform shelf with double-folded edges welded to the framework.

  • WarewashingSmall Double Skin Glasswasher, 1 cycle - 30b/hr

    Small Double Skin Glasswasher, 1 cycle - 30b/hr

    Glasswasher (small), double skin, 1 cycle, 30b/h
    • Built-in pressure boiler designed to raise incoming water to a guaranteed minimum temperature of 82°C for sanitizing rinse. No external boiler is required.
    • Maximum capacity of 30 racks per hour.
    • Washing system endowed with rotating washing arms from both top and bottom, high powered wash pump and large capacity wash tank guarantee professional washing.
    • 120 seconds cycle.