Commercial Catering Equipment Melbourne

Don’t drive away banquet and catering business.

Weddings, parties, conventions and interactive chef events are just the tip of the iceberg of the type of event that can be catered in high volume.

As customer requests are becoming more extravagant for the type of menu and service, the general manager and chef are challenged with delivering the best possible experience while maintaining a decent level of profitability.

Why Electrolux?

In order to provide the on-time delivery of food without compromising integrity, the selection of the right type of technology is crucial.

Ever thought about cooking today and serving a week from now?

Ever thought about cooking 300 pounds of anything in 11 minutes?

With Electrolux Professional technology in Melbourne, chefs are able to realize how to utilize manpower more efficiently and maximize the performance of the equipment to meet any size of party or complexity of menu.

The Leading Supplier of Commercial Caterer Equipment in Melbourne

If you’re on the hunt for commercial caterer equipment in Melbourne, then you’ve probably found yourself Googling professional catering equipment Melbourne so many times that you’ve almost lost count. Luckily you’ve found us now. At Electrolux, we have over 100 years of experience in providing chefs everywhere with the best quality professional caterer equipment Melbourne has to offer.
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What Catering Equipment do we Offer in Melbourne, Victoria?

We offer a massive range of catering equipment – more than enough for you to deck out your kitchens with the best of the best catering equipment available in Melbourne. This includes everything to prepare your food, cook your food, preserve your cooked food, and deliver your food to your customers, as well as dishwashing equipment and waste management systems after your customers have devoured the delights you have treated them to.

Just some of our range include:

Electrolux Professional’s Cook and Chill

Electrolux Professional’s Cook and Chill solutions are designed to help combat the two main sources of stress that you find yourself under in the kitchen. The Cook and Chill solutions champion great food whilst helping you to maintain a simpler and healthier work-life balance.

An even better addition to that is the fact that they also help to make your business more profitable! How? By ensuring consistently high-quality foods, guaranteeing punctual delivery to customers, and allowing you as a chef to perfect your most creative and imaginative dishes.

Planetary Mixers

Our planetary mixers offer maximum performance, in a compact and powerful mixer that values sturdiness above everything else. We offer a wide variety, ranging in size between 5 litres and 80 litres. They also make it easier to add ingredients whilst you’re already using the mixer, without the risk of redecorating your freshly cleaned kitchen.

We’re Here To Help Your Melbourne Business

We understand that sometimes, things go wrong with your equipment. That isn’t your fault, and we never want you to feel like it is. Similarly, we are never going to leave you in the lurch when it comes to equipment failure. We will help you find the best solution to your problem as quickly as possible.

We have over 2200 authorised technical experts on our global customer care team, so there is always going to be someone who can help you. T

To get into contact with our customer care team, please give our professional services line a call at 1300 368 299, or drop us an e-mail at

If for any reason you need a part of your Melbourne catering equipment replaced, you can also give us a call on our genuine spare parts line, which will give you access to in excess of 55,000 genuine spare parts to make the appropriate repairs to get your catering equipment back in working order.

The number for the genuine spare parts line is the same as our professional services line and can be found at 1300 368 299.

We are extremely proud to be known internationally as the premier brand that restaurants, hotels and cafes trust to deliver high-quality products. We provide Australia with commercial combi ovens. Also, we promise to continue to provide reliable commercial steam ovens and industrial ovens. Don’t hold back, contact us today.
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Discover what Electrolux Professional’s Melbourne catering equipment can do for your business

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