Commercial Catering Equipment Melbourne

Don’t drive away banquet and catering business.

Weddings, parties, conventions and interactive chef events are just the tip of the iceberg of the type of event that can be catered in high volume.

As customer requests are becoming more extravagant for the type of menu and service, the general manager and chef are challenged with delivering the best possible experience while maintaining a decent level of profitability.

Why Electrolux Professional?

In order to provide the on-time delivery of food without compromising integrity, the selection of the right type of technology is crucial.

Ever thought about cooking today and serving a week from now?

Ever thought about cooking 300 pounds of anything in 11 minutes?

With Electrolux Professional technology in Melbourne, chefs are able to realize how to utilize manpower more efficiently and maximize the performance of the equipment to meet any size of party or complexity of menu.

Finest Catering Supplies in Melbourne

If you are the owner of a catering establishment, you will know just how important it is to have the right tools. Professional equipment allows business owners to focus on growing their business and building success. If you want to partner with a leading catering equipment supplier in Melbourne, you should look no further than Electrolux Professional. With a business record spanning decades, and supplier to some of the finest hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, fast food venues and cafes, Electrolux Professional has the equipment which will make your business run more smoothly.

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Besides Professional Catering Equipment

Electrolux Professional supplies catering equipment in Melbourne, and indeed all over Australia. We at Electrolux Professional are the one-stop supplier for all your food production needs. We have a full range of food preparation machines, including equipment to make peeling, washing, and drying stress-free. We also stock a range of mixers and rollers for perfect pasta, pastry, and pizza. Our range of cooking solutions will suit any business of any size, whether you are a small business owner or a high-capacity outlet. From commerical deep fryers to electric cooktops, ovens to ranges, Electrolux Professional has a solution to suit your business.

Refrigeration solutions are a must-have for any catering business. We have a full range of commercial refrigerators and chilling options, including blast chillers, refrigerated counters and commercial freezers. In addition, our range of cold and hot beverage machines will make drinks service smooth. From coffee grinders for the freshest blends to cold beverage dispensing systems, Electrolux Professional has your needs covered.

Of course, every catering business also needs to pay attention to cleanliness. Electrolux Professional has a full range of dishwashing and glass washing solutions. Our machines and detergents will give you gleaming and streak-free crockery, cutlery, and glassware every single time. With both rack and hood style machines, we have what you need for any size of kitchen. Moreover, we care about the environment, and our equipment is up to 98% recyclable by weight. Using a machine is greener as it can save water compared to washing by hand. There’s also less waste of detergent, and it saves you hundreds of man-hours per year compared to manual washing.

So, if you need professional catering equipment in Melbourne, look no further than Electrolux Professional.

Commercial Catering Equipment in Melbourne and Beyond

Whether you run a boutique hotel or a patisserie, we have the equipment you need to operate your business successfully. Our commerical kitchen equipment can be found in café bars, restaurants, and hotels worldwide. We have a long history of innovation, and we understand the catering industry’s demands. We also offer our clients the possibility of enhanced training through our Chef Academy and offer unique training possibilities using our equipment at our Centers of Excellence. We invest in research and development to meet the changing needs of the catering industry and together with our clients we strive for excellence. When you enter a relationship with Electrolux Professional, we will support you all the way. Visit one of our Centers of Excellence to see what Electrolux Professional can do for your business. Get in touch with us today!

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Discover what Electrolux Professional’s Melbourne catering equipment can do for your business

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