This was Environment Day 2019

Our factories around the world are working with environmental issues and sustainable solutions every day. Many of them came together on June 5 to shine a light on the great work achieved so far and improvements to come.

Electrolux committment to the Environment Day

Every year, World Environment Day is held on June 5 – the chosen date for this collaborative Electrolux Professional initiative is no coincidence!

Act sustainably is at the core of our commitment to shape living for the better, for more enjoyable and sustainable living. As part of this commitment, Electrolux has been working toward a circular economy by increasing the use of recycled materials to significantly reduce our environmental impact and promote a more closed resource loop. Many improvements have been made, but we still have some work to do, and getting ideas on how to reduce our waste management and disposal, especially throughout our factories is key. That’s why the Zero Landfill program – or waste management – for our Operations is the main theme of this year’s Environment Day celebration.

This year, it involved many of our of factories spreading awareness of the ongoing sustainability work in operations having been sparked by the success of the first ever Environment Day organized by colleagues in Ljungby, Sweden.

Zero Landfill

The day also brought together both production and office workers to contribute ideas to the chosen theme: Zero Landfill.

And many of the activities including games, quizzes and sorting stations reflected how we at Professional are making progress in waste management and what’s more to come.

A novel way to remember the day, a plantable 100% sustainable Sprout pencil  was handed out as  gift to all employees at the sites taking part in Environment Day 2019.

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