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Wilhelmshilfe Rest Home

Göppingen, Germany


Ultramodern EU certified high-performance kitchens

The Wilhelmshilfe central kitchen does not only supply its own homes for senior citizens and rest homes, but also school cafeterias and children’s day-care facilities. The ultramodern EU certified high-performance kitchen produce about 1000 meals a day with the so-called Cook & Chill method.

Klaus Dilgert, Central Kitchen manager, explains why he selected Electrolux Professional:
“Electrolux Professional gave us an excellent support and the possibility of implementing two different concepts with one supplier and the good price-performance ratio: This is why we rely on Electrolux.”

Installed equipment

  • thermaline
    flexible modular design, high productivity, maximum hygiene and utmost cleanability.
  • thermaline tilting braising pan
    excellent quality when preparing large amounts of meat, fish, vegetables and stews.
  • thermaline boiling pans
    The ideal solution for preparing large amounts of soups, creams, purees and rice with a consistent quality.
  • thermaline ceramic range
  • Lifting and lowering devices
  • Food preparation

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