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All roads lead to Eataly

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On June 21st, at the former Ostiense air terminal, the temple of made in Italy wine and food opened its doors to the public: we are talking about Eataly Rome. After Turin, Genoa, Milan, Bologna, New York and Tokyo, the creator of Eataly, Oscar Farinetti, created the largest temple of taste in the world in Rome: 14,000 products for sale, 23 monothematic points, 40 educational/emotional areas, 8 rooms for courses, 8 in view production sites, from mozzarella to stuffed pasta, all spread over 4 floors covering an area of 17 000 square meters!

These are the numbers of the largest food hub, the temple of quality food and wine. The concept is completely original: inside, the areas are subdivided by product category: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, bread, pasta, oil, wine and beer, cheese, coffee and chocolate. Many products, in addition to being purchased, can be tasted in the many catering points: the “foodies” can choose from the fried-food point, the pizzeria, the piadineria, the gourmet sandwich point, the fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and pasta restaurant, the Roman Inn restaurant or the “Gourmet ” restaurant called “Ristorante Italia” located on the top floor dedicated to Amedeo Modigliani (with a lot of related, strictly original, works of art).

The Sales Manager of Electrolux Professional Italy, Mario Lobbia emphasizes : “Once again, Oscar Farinetti has confirmed his trust in the Electrolux Professional technical partner, through his latest achievement. It is a collaboration that began in 2007, with the opening of the first temple of taste, Eataly Turin, renewed at Eataly New York in 2010 and Eataly Genoa in 2011, to then be consolidated at Eataly Rome where the Eataly and Electrolux Professional technical teams worked together in perfect and proven harmony“.

Electrolux Professional has designed, manufactured and installed all the equipment inside the kitchens, both the professional ones and the ones in the rooms for courses. A specialist in high-tech systems, Electrolux has put together the best of its range, high performance equipment and low environmental impact with a view towards eco-sustainability and maximum energy efficiency. Some examples are the combi air-o-steam Touchline ovens, famous for their “touch” panel and the total absence of knobs (15 among 6, 10 and 20 trays) which, alongside the air-o-chill blast chiller, form the most sold integrated cooking and chilling system in the world; the thermaline modular stove unit, guarantees reliability and durability that has always characterized the Swiss Made, and the more compact but not less performing 900&700XP lines; the reduced energy consumption refrigeration units (65 installed fittings between tables and fridge/freezer cabinets) and the dishwasher systems, sustainability champions (30 pieces including undercounter dishwashers, hood types and utensil washers).

Extreme care has also been dedicated to the details: the worktops, with unique one piece tops from 15/10 in thickness, have been designed and completely custom-made with the objective of maximizing the storage space and making the work of the kitchen operators as ergonomic as possible. As announced by Farinetti, each Eataly opening is combined with a metaphysical value “Turin is dedicated to harmony, New York to maybe – the value of doubt, Genoa to courage. Eataly Rome is dedicated to beauty. The beauty of food, the beauty of art, the beauty of music and the beauty of irony”.

In this “temple of beauty” a Molteni stove unit is indispensable, flaming red with a steel and chromium finish, famous around the world for its legendary fascination: the dream of all gourmets!

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