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Campus Diemen Zuid

The Netherlands

Apartment-House Laundry

Campus Diemen Zuid is the only campus in the Netherlands to be built according to the American campus model. Campus Diemen Zuid consists of 5 buildings with a total of 939 apartments. The apartments can be accessed via the luxurious entrances of the apartment building. All the apartments are completely kitted out, brand new and practically designed. Lounge areas have been created between the buildings, where you can relax with friends or use the internet through one of the Wi-Fi hotspots.

Study, get fit, play tennis, enjoy a beer with friends, relax in the wine bar, do grocery shopping or put a wash on? All the campus facilities are literally on your doorstep.

Campus Diemen Zuid was in need of a modern Apartment-House Laundry facility for it’s inhabitants. As they want to offer students top quality laundry facilities and were looking for a creative way to finance this facility, they chose Electrolux line 5000 machines in combination with the Pay Per Wash finance system.

In this way they were able to offer a complete solution: top quality wash results including detergents, integration with the Campus’ payment system and no initial investment, as the inhabitants pay for the machines themselves with every wash they do.

Our machines & solutions

  • 10 W555H washers
  • 10 T5190 dryers
  • Complete detergent pump system
  • Payment terminal

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