Pret A Manger

London, UK

Quick Service Restaurant

Taste new flavours with Electrolux High Speed Panini Grill

Pret A Manger opened its first shop in London in 1986. College friends, Sinclair and Julian, made proper sandwiches avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so much of the ‘prepared’ and ‘fast’ food on the market today.

Pret uses every day freshly delivered ingredients to prepare all of its wide range of sandwiches in it’s shops kitchens and during 2010 extended the range to also offer a variety of hot sandwiches or “toasties”.

The Electrolux High Speed Panini Grill played a major role in the development of the “toasties” for Pret with the key objective being to create a delicious high quality toasted finish at speed to ensure customers are not kept waiting during busy lunchtime periods.

Since launch the toasties have been so successful, Pret have introduced new flavours into the range.

“When we introduced toasties to our menu they were so popular with our customers that they became quickly established as daily top sellers” says Nick Sandler, menu developer chef, at Pret.

“Pret prepares high quality, gourmet toasties in less than one minute“ continues Nick Sandler, “and this thanks to Electrolux High Speed Panini Grill. Over 400 High Speed Grills have been installed in the UK, US and Hong Kong, cities where Pret is well established. We are very proud of our achievements and especially of the success of our toasties” ends Nick Sandler.

In 2010 Electrolux won the “Trailblazer Award”, a recognition given by Pret ( to outstanding suppliers.

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