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A new agreement was signed between IKEA Italy and Electrolux Professional for the exclusive supply of foodservice equipment to the future centres and for the global maintenance of all IKEA stores in Italy.

To equip its restaurants, bars and bistros IKEA Italy chooses again Electrolux Professional’s solutions.

The prestigious partnership between the worldwide leaders respectively in the furniture and food service industry was recently renowned.

IKEA wants their customers to enjoy excellent meals and their operators to work comfortably in each of its restaurant.

The new intuitive air-o-steam Touchline oven by Electrolux Professional ensures a great contribution.

Automatic mode for an easy food preparation, Programs mode to replicate the menu and select the most favourite recipes, Manual mode dedicated to the finest chefs who want to express their creativity: the features of the new Electrolux combi oven make it a simple and revolutionary solution at the same time.

In fact, the recipes can be saved and transferred to other Touch ovens by means of a simple USB key.

In this way, IKEA customers can be sure to find the same menu in every restaurant in Italy, which will also benefit from the expertise of master chefs belonging to the Electrolux Chef Academy, centre of excellence where culinary arts meet technology.

The super fast High Speed Panini Grill, product flagship of Professional, passed the exam, too.

The contact grill combines three advanced technologies: heating plate, infrared and microwave.

IKEA Italy will offer its clients delicious “panini” and tasty sandwiches, crispy outside and hot inside in record times, less than 1 minute, during the short and pleasant breaks from shopping.

Following a prolonged test period IKEA Italy has also confirmed its interest in Electrolux Professional’s fryers, preferred to the American competitors, and is considering to adopt the dishwashing solutions too, from the small undercounter to the rack type, and the station to cook pasta dishes in 2 minutes only.

Electrolux Professional has already equipped 10 IKEA centres in Italy and a new one will be soon opened.

Now the family breaks at IKEA taste like Swedish, Italian and international specialities, prepared with passion and attention to details with the support of high-performing solutions created by Electrolux Professional.

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