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Entrepreneur opens Electrolux laundromat and fulfills dream

By all appearances Neighborhood Wash’s store owner, Boyd Woodward, already had an enviable career – as an engineering manager working for one of the most desirable companies on the planet. However even with his corporate success something remained amiss for the Southern California native. “I always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” Boyd divulged. “And I couldn’t shake the feeling of urgency – that if I didn’t figure out something soon, I may never fulfill my dream.”

A meeting of entrepreneurial minds – and spirits

It was during this research phase where Boyd secured two vital pieces of industry information: that the Electrolux brand had a great reputation among seasoned laundry owners; and the name of a highly regarded distributor of Electrolux Professional equipment – Sterling Phillips from SES Laundry, Inc. “Based on my initial findings, I was already leaning towards Electrolux Professional equipment,” explained Boyd. “Yet after hearing praise after praise from so many laundry professionals, well, it just confirmed that Electrolux was the only choice for me.”

A store with optimal visibility

Boyd purchased a Laundromat located 35 miles away from his residence. Yes, it created some operational challenges and inconveniences. However, it also offered up exceptional opportunity that Boyd felt would pay off. Boyd named his store Neighborhood Wash due to its prime location in the middle of a high-density neighborhood in Hawthorne, California.

Now, the task at hand was transforming the badly maintained store into an efficiently run, thoroughly modern Laundromat.

Neighborhood Wash gets a facelift

“The 1,400 square-foot laundry underwent a complete overhaul,” shared Boyd.

The once neglected Laundromat now has a fun, friendly vibe with lots of family appeal. Neighborhood Wash is bright, open and has a large mirror giving patrons a superior view of their surroundings. “Safety is key,” shared Boyd. “In addition to creating a much more open floor plan, I installed eight security cameras.”

Neighborhood Wash also boasts free amenities such as Wi-Fi and flat-screen televisions.

But, perhaps the most important differentiator is Neighborhood Wash’s brand new Electrolux equipment.

Electrolux – eco-minded and a stellar reputation

The old equipment mix was about 75 percent top loaders, which have since been eliminated. Needless to say, Neighborhood Wash’s outdated washers and dryers have all been replaced with Electrolux washers and dryers.

The Electrolux High Speed machines are part of the ENERGY STAR® program. Laundry owners can lower their utilities by 20-40% with these high extraction models. They are designed to respect the environment at every point of production, usage, and disposal. In addition, the high-speed machines save your customers a great deal of time — a priceless commodity these days.

“I believe that people will continue to put a premium on their time,” said Boyd, “so I wanted my store to offer up features that ensure convenience and efficiency, ultimately saving my customers’ time. The Electrolux high-speed extract equipment in combination with the Electrolux dryers truly provides this service.”

“Since customers like large-capacity washers, my 75-pound and 65-pound Electrolux machines are right in the front of the store while the smaller 18-, 25-, and 45-pound machines are in the back.”

Everything falls into place

In a marketplace crowded with aged laundries, Boyd is confident that Neighborhood Wash will continue to make its mark. Even the newer laundries can’t compete with it, according to Boyd. “They don’t offer the conveniences, such as multiple-payment options and the time-saving, high-speed Electrolux equipment that my store offers,” said Boyd. “I’m excited about the future of Neighborhood Wash.” So much so that Boyd opened a second Laundromat, Magic Laundry in Lawndale, that is also thriving.

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