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Milan, Italy


Electrolux Professional thermaline in the kitchen of IYO

IYO, one of the most famous fusion restaurants in Milan, highly appreciated and award winning according to critics, owes its strength to the continued commitment to maintain the high quality of its culinary style.

From a simple and sophisticated elegance, IYO was born in 2006, founded by Claudio Liu that, over time, managed to create a well-trained kitchen staff headed by the Japanese master Haruo Ichikawa. A successful creative partnership that has allowed the restaurant to get the prestigious Michelin Star in 2015, the only fusion restaurant in Italy to be awarded this important recognition.

The decision made by Claudio Liu in autumn 2013 to enlarge the restaurant kitchen to make it more spacious, bright and functional, played an important role in this announced success. Under the guidance of the architect Carlo Samarati and with the technical support and design made by the Electrolux agency for the Milan area, Hostimpianti srl, it has gone from a simple kitchen to a laboratory for experimentation and culinary arts.

In a context that is so prestigious, where quality and culinary excellence are the protagonists, the choice of equipment is crucial and could not fall back on solutions other than the best in class of Electrolux Professional, a leading and reliable reference point for the best restaurants and chefs in the world.

For IYO, Claudio Liu wanted a central thermaline M2M Made to Measure cooking block, a jewel of design and rare beauty, of unmatched functionality and technical performance. “The thermaline block was designed and built around us, to meet all our needs and due to its versatility ensures solidity and efficiency in every situation,” he commented.

The unique dishes of chef Haruo Ichikawa are brought out to the guests from a spectacular show kitchen which immediately reveals the imposing thermaline block, tailor built around the needs of the restaurant staff.

A kitchen where everything has been studied in detail to guarantee excellent results in terms of cooking techniques and food preparation.

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