Jones Wood Foundry

New York City, USA

Pub & Restaurant

Jones Wood Foundry is located in New York City’s affluent Upper East Side, an authentic recreation of a traditional British food driven pub, an essential part of the community, serving locals from “within a four block radius of the pub”.

With 70 seats, the restaurant serves about 210 dishes per day, achieving their mission of creating a personal neighborhood experience, and making “happy people” out of the regulars that frequent it.

Every aspect of this Upper East Side pub and restaurant has been carefully designed make customers feel “at home”. Jones Wood Foundry is the ideal place for a quick drink at the bar, a casual snack and conversation at the communal table overlooking the garden, or for a relaxing meal in the dining room.

The authentic menus, created by Chef Jason Hicks, represent the best of British culinary traditions, renewed for 21st century tastes.

The ingredients are sourced locally adapting to the constantly evolving menu and the original furnishings offer customers that homey atmosphere in the midst of a hectic reality.

Owner and Chef, Jason Hicks gives his reasoning behind the choice of Electrolux: “Since this business is very stressful it’s hard to find new staff, so the idea is don’t lose the staff so you don’t need to replace them. What Electrolux has helped us to do is reduce that level of stress because of its consistency and ease of use. You’re guaranteed a good product every single time so it relieves that level of doubt in the chef’s mind.

Chef Simon Townsend added: “With Electrolux you’re guaranteed a consistent product which is what our customers expect. If it’s not the same every single time then they’re disappointed.

The range of Electrolux equipment includes an air-o-steam Touchline oven, air-o-convect Touchline oven, air-o-chill blast chiller/freezer and various modular appliances (charbroiler, griddle, range, refrigerated drawers and fryer).

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