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The opening of a new chain of excellent Italian cuisine powered by Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment at Porto Antico in Genova, the capital city of the Liguria region in Italy.

The two hundred square meter panoramic sea view terrace, designed by the famous Renzo Piano Building Wordshop, has a wide choice of more than 6000 products, five restaurants boasted such locations as Italy, the USA and Japan.

These figures represent Eataly’s 12th project – the new opening at the building of Millo al Porto Antico, Genova.

The motto of Eataly “Eat.Shop.Learn” reflects not only its passion for good eating with only the highest quality ingredients, prime products and delicious, healthy cooking known as the Slow Food concept but also about engagement and education with what one eats. Eataly offers unique cooking classes with an intimate culinary experience as well as excellent restaurants containing by the absolute best Italian ingredients and the absolute best chefs to cook their wares. Indeed, Eataly’s restaurants have been chosen specifically for Electrolux Professional kitchen solutions.

The partnership between Eataly and Electrolux Professional started after their successful mutual experience in 2007, when Electrolux provided ovens and refrigerators that incorporated all the demands of Eataly’s culinary culture. This affiliation has bound their common passion for innovation, customer satisfaction, and environmental care.

Later in 2010, Eataly confirmed its trust in Electrolux Professional as their supplier of professional food service solutions for their restaurants when Electrolux provided professional ovens and dishwashers for its newest location on 5th Avenue in New York. Not surprisingly, in less than 4 months, Eataly in NYC became the second tourist attraction in the city only after the Empire State Building.

Today Eataly Genova repeats this partnership with Electrolux Professional by installing professional kitchen equipment in its restaurants in Genova. Thus, the supreme Eataly fish restaurant “Il Marin” is fully equipped with Electrolux professional kitchen solutions. The Chef, Enrico Panero, young but unadulterated fish guru, enjoys the thermaline range that offers state of the art technology, having high quality, innovative design and years of experience, green&clean dishwashers that offer the maximum in washing results while providing reliable dishwashing operation.

Moreover, the Eataly premises in Genova contains two air-o-steam Touchline ovens and air-o-system, a combi oven and blast chiller, satisfying the most demanding chefs in creating their masterpieces.

Furthermore, to maintain a wide product range such as fresh & dry pasta, pizza, bread, salami & cheese, meat, seafood, ice-cream, air-o-system was chosen, due to the most innovative solution for a completely integrated Cook&Chillprocess. air-o-system combines high refrigeration power and a high efficiency ventilation system which allows any product to be blast chilled in a very short time. It ensures optimal chef results without wasting time and guarantees that food goes immediately from the oven into the blast chiller while air-o-check assures the maintenance of set parameters in any condition.

“We are proud of our collaboration with Eataly that reflects our common philosophy of taking care of our customers and environment” said Mario Lobbia, General Manager of Electrolux Professional.

We are anticipating the next new and challenging project between Eataly and Electrolux Professional.

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