Self-Service Laundries

DAB Højvangparken

Esbjerg, Denmark

Multi-house Laundry

At Højvangsparken washing is easier, cheaper and much greener thanks to the Electrolux Line 5000.
Højvangsparken is a low rise building, built in 1990 with 93 homes including 10 youth housing. The Housing has shared laundry with six new Line 5000 machines.

Residents start engines with ELS Vision, and washes are paid through the rent. ELS Vision also controls the booking of the Housings’ activity room and the car wash area.

After 14 years with Electrolux Generation 3000, Højvangparken has now decided to replace the laundry with six new Line 5000 machines.

Inspector Bent Sejerup explains why:

Why replace machines that work?

We have a budget to keep, and when the machines reach a certain age, the repair costs become too high to sustain, so it’s time to change.” “The new Line 5000 machines are much more energy conscious and energy efficient. This is very important as the prices of both electricity and water increase every year.

Another important advantage is the possibility of having different wash prices depending on the wash temperature. In the old laundry, it cost 10 DKK regardless of the wash type. Now, with the Line 5000 machines and ELS-Vision, we can easily have different price levels. For example, a 30 degree wash costs 8,- DKK and a cotton 60 degree cycle costs 12,- DKK. We know from experience, that people choose the cheapest wash – and with Electrolux Line 5000 it’s also the most energy efficient.

Why Electrolux Professional?

On behalf of the residents, together with the board of directors, we selected a laundry solution that we are comfortable with. The old Electrolux machines have served us well. And so, we choose robust industrial machines with very low energy and water consumption which pay off with a low LCC. We need to have the assurance that they will last for the next 14 years – and this we have with Electrolux. Based on the successful experience of the laundry we’ve decided to buy 35 machines for a different department here in Esbjerg – divided into 10 small laundries.

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