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Café de Mar

Marktheidenfeld, Germany

Mediterranean flair on the Main

Whether fresh fish, pizza, pasta, salad or grilled steak: the Café de mar in Marktheidenfeld is known for its sophisticated cuisine. Restaurant owner Hamid Amini-Fakhir can therefore welcome guests from all over the region – and the number is growing.

The restaurant owner came up against structural and technical limits with the existing kitchen. He wanted a larger kitchen with a capacity of up to 1000 à la carte dishes. In order to create space for this, a completely new room had to be created in the old building. Zirkelbach p.e.s. (Planning facility service) from Würzburg was responsible for the entire project – from the gutting to the commissioning of the new kitchen.

Feast and enjoy at the Café de mar in Marktheidenfeld

Restaurant owner Hamid Amini-Fakhr has made the Café de mar in Marktheidenfeld known nationwide with an upscale Italian menu. That’s why the kitchen in the existing building eventually reached its limits:

“We needed more space and also the right kitchen equipment to be able to implement and refine our food concept.”

Together with its specialist retail and service partner of many years, Zirkelbach p.e.s. from Würzburg, a new kitchen should be built.

“In order to create the space for this, the existing premises had to be completely converted and enlarged,” explains Gerald Zirkelbach.


Hamid Amini-Fakhr wanted a modular cooking block with robust gas and electric appliances.

“If necessary, we can exchange devices without great effort and adapt them to our meal concept.”

For the new kitchen, which is designed for up to 1000 à la carte meals, an 8 m wide outer wall had to be broken open in the old building. Walls were pulled in to triple the kitchen area in a specially created room, including a part of the courtyard.

The Würzburg specialist planner and retailer Zirkelbach p.e.s. (Planning facility service) was responsible for the kitchen project, from the conception, planning and implementation of the conversion and expansion to the kitchen equipment and commissioning.

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

In close consultation with specialist planner Gerald Zirkelbach, Hamid Amihi-Fakhr opted for gas and electric appliances from the XP700 line. Zirkelbach explains: “This line meets the requirements, is compact and powerful. Modularity ensures flexibility when putting together the devices. Together we have achieved a very nice, future-oriented ‘precision landing’ with this kitchen.” The complete conversion including the installation work for water, gas and electricity was realized within 4 months by spring 2021. Hamid Amihi-Fakhr is very satisfied. “Everything is faster now, because the team of eight works in a post kitchen: on one side pasta cooker, induction hobs and gas solid-plate stove, on the other side fryer, grill and griddle plate and other induction hobs.” The is ideal for serving food Worktop on the front of a cooker:

“Everything can be done in just a few simple steps and is always within reach, thanks to the heating cabinets and the substructures in the cooking block.”

With the help of modern cooking technology, the chef was able to refine and expand his range of dishes: “We increasingly rely on freshly caught fish and high-quality meat dishes.”

In the future, Hamid Amihi-Fakhr wants to spoil his guests even more with the Mediterranean flair of his high-quality range of dishes under the motto “Feast and enjoy”. The location on the Mainkai will certainly contribute to this: the view of the river and the old bridge ensures pure romance on the bank.

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