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Airline catering maximizes productivity and consistency with thermaline

With intensive relationship building and a commitment to customer service, one of the largest providers of airline catering and in-flight services chose thermaline pressure braising pan for its kitchens in four major United States cities.

The company delivers more than 500 million meals per year and is present in more than 50 countries. The corporate executive chef was searching for a solution that ensured faster cooking times while maintaining high food quality.

The thermaline pressure braising pan satisfied their needs as it dramatically decreases cooking times, even up to 70 percent compared to traditional cooking. The thermaline braising pans guarantee a uniform cooking process with excellent results.

Electrolux Professional offers a range of solutions to increase productivity without compromising quality or food safety. The pressure braising pan provides the ability for creating large quantities of different food types.

The Electrolux Professional sales team in North America built a relationship with the company’s corporate chef. The chef invited Electrolux Professional to the conferences and was able to demonstrate the capabilities of the pressure braising pan to their team.

Their culinary team was invited to the Center of Excellence in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they were able to test their food product together with the Electrolux Professional corporate executive chef. In this way, the chefs were able to become familiar with the pressure braising pan and see the value of the investment, so they could, in turn, sell the solutions to their internal team.

As additional support, Electrolux Professional agreed to supervise and participate in every installation across the United States. Currently, they have installed four pressure braising pans in Miami, two in San Francisco, one in Detroit and one in Chicago.

Airline Catering Service, USA

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