Professional kitchen equipment: 5 must-have appliances

If you are in the process of opening a new restaurant, one of the most important steps is choosing the right professional kitchen equipment for the focal point of your business. Our chef, Maximilian Zedelmeier has compiled a list of his 5 must-have appliances for your professional kitchen.

Combi oven
A combi oven allows you to cook in different modes, combining the right heat and humidity needed for perfect results. Besides temperature control, the most important element to control in an oven is humidity because it is what transports the heat. Electrolux Professional’s air-o-steam Combi Oven is the only appliance capable of measuring humidity by monitoring the quantity of air in the oven cavity.

Blast chiller
With a professional combi oven, you can master very high temperatures and a powerful professional blast chiller allows you to master the process the other way round. You can use the Electrolux Cook&Chill system to bring food temperatures from 300°C down to -42°C.  The Cook&Chill process helps you save preparation time, keep hygiene and food safety levels high, and maintain the most impressive colors, textures and flavors of your food.

Vacuum machine
Besides the level of bacteria, the presence of oxygen is the determining factor for the preserving time of your food.  No air – no bacterial growth. As easy as that.  Only a powerful vacuum machine can manage to eliminate 99.9% of oxygen in your vacuum bags and prevent the growth of bacteria. Not only that: you can also try out sous-vide cooking to give your food exceptional levels of taste and texture. Together with the air-o-steam Combi Ovens range and the complete Cook&Chill system, the Electrolux vacuum machine is the ace up your sleeve for the best results in your kitchen.

Planetary mixer
Whenever it comes to baking, desserts, fresh pasta making… we speak about the importance of a powerful and reliable planetary mixer for whipping, mixing, kneading and emulsifying. Freshly made bread and pastries are becoming more and more important for restaurants that plan to serve quality food. The Electrolux Professional BE5, BE8 or BE10 Planetary Mixers you can also make your sorbets and ice-creams creamy and fluffy before serving them.

The Aquacooker is a three-in-one appliance for your professional kitchen that you can use as a pasta cooker but also as a low-temperature cooking device, a bain-marie and for sous-vide. The Electrolux thermaline Acquacooker is the appliance that every cook would like to have in their kitchen because it is so flexible and easy to use. You can use a single device to cook pasta, keep sauces warm, and cook at low temperatures for the most tender results when cooking proteins. Are you absolutely sure you can do without it?

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