Prevent acrylamide in commercial kitchens

In April 2018 the European Union introduced a new regulation on acrylamide.

  • What are the implications on restaurants, food chains, chefs and anyone else working in food preparation?
  • What are the implications on food safety?

Acrylamide is a molecule occurring after a natural chemical reaction in starchy food while cooking. Potatoes, bread and coffee if cooked, baked, grilled or fried at high temperatures (above 120°c) will undertake a natural chemical reaction known as the Maillard reaction. Sugar and amino acids that naturally form starchy food, when reaching high temperatures during the cooking process, naturally form acrylamide.
The substance has been discovered in 2002 and since then medical research focused on its health implications. Evidences show that acrylamide has cancerous effects on animals, specifically mices. Evidences on cancerous effects on humans right now are inconclusive but under strict investigation. The European Union recently took a step forward and set benchmark levels in order to reduce the presence of acrylamide in food under EU regulation 2017/2158.

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The right equipment in your commercial kitchen can make the difference in your work quality.
Having to follow rigorous rules, food preparation is an industry that needs continuous evolving equipment in order to meet the changing health requirements.

When dealing with acrylamide an automatic cooking function, in fryers for example, that automatically concludes the cooking process once reached the optimal cooking level can really make the difference.
The automatic cooking function adjusts the cooking time according to the quantity of food loaded. In this way your fryer knows exactly when the food is perfectly cooked and can keep acrylamide formation under control.

Acrylamide is the substance responsible for food browning. It enhance taste and give the typical brown look to toast and French fries. Professionals in food preparation always aim at delivering top quality and taste. Being able to keep under control food safety regulations through your equipment allow you to work more smoothly. Your equipment can be a source of operating advantage for your business.

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